Black & Decker T2560B Review

From $22 Best

Users like the fast toasting afforded by this toaster, as well as the wide slots and self-centering toast racks. The toaster has defrost, bagel, and cancel functions, as well as good browning controls, a removable crumb tray and a stay-cool exterior.

The Black & Decker T2560B 2-Slice Toaster offers value for your money. Consumers like the reliability and the design aesthetic, and don't seem to mind a price tag that sits at the higher end of the Cheapism niche.

Several features and performance attributes find favor with consumers in Black & Decker T2560B reviews. For one, the plastic housing (available mostly in black) actually stays cool to the touch and reviews on Epinions say the casing feels thicker and more substantial than that found on other cheap toasters, although one user posting on Amazon describes the housing as insubstantial. Users also appreciate the self-adjusting extra-wide toast slots that they say accommodates even the largest and thickest bagels. Sticking with the bagels theme, consumers are high on the special bagel setting, which toasts the cut side and warms the outer side, as well as the defrost function. Reviews also note that the five browning settings seem to be accurate, and users comment favorably on the even and relatively quick toasting, be it a bagel, a waffle, or a plain old piece of bread.

Other essential features earning shout-outs in Black & Decker T2560B reviews on Epinions and Amazon include the cancel function (in case the toast starts getting too dark), the easy-to-clean removable crumb tray, and the LED light that tells you when the toaster is on. The Black & Decker T2560B (starting at $22, Amazon) weighs six pounds, measures about 13x8.5x9 inches, and has a wrap-around cord.

All in all, the wide range of features on the Black & Decker T2560B, its attractive styling and good functionality, plus the one-year limited warranty make this toaster a good buy for the price.

Cuisinart CPT-120 Review

From $26 Best

This toaster boasts wide, adjustable slots for toasting thick cuts of bread, and has LED touch pad controls to reheat, defrost, and cancel, and for bagel and browning settings. It also has a removable crumb tray. Users like its compact size, looks, and versatility.

Cuisinart is a well-respected appliance manufacturer, and its CPT-120 Toaster garners many favorable reviews. The styling and size are big pluses, according to Cuisinart CPT-120 reviews on Amazon. Users like the compact 10x5x6.5-inch dimensions and wrap-around cord, making it a good choice for apartment dwellers or those with limited counter space. Consumers posting reviews also praise the spare look and well-placed toaster controls on the side panel.

Most Cuisinart CPT-120 reviews by users express satisfaction with the toast (or bagel or waffle) that pops out. One user appreciates the extra time added to accommodate thick-cut bagels, the reheat option that warms toast without additional browning, and the lift lever for small pieces, according to a review on Epinions. Cuisinart CPT-120 reviews on Amazon and comment on the uniform browning and balanced texture, and one English muffin lover says it toasts her favorite breakfast food perfectly. Some postings, however, complain about uneven toasting (one side is way too dark and the other barely browned) and excessive browning even at low settings.

The Cuisinart CPT-120 (starting at $26, Amazon) offers an extensive range of features for a cheap toaster, including a stay-cool exterior, 1.5-inch-wide slots that adjust for thin or thick items, removable crumb tray, and cancel, reheat, defrost, and bagel settings. U nlike most other cheap models, this Cuisinart toaster features LED indicator lights and touchpad controls, and nine browning levels (note, however, that even users who praise the toaster say anything higher than 3 produces very dark toast). Equally unusual at this cheap end of the toasters market is a three-year limited warranty.

Bottom line: You may have to fiddle a bit to find the browning setting that produces toast the way you like it, but once you do, the streamlined Cuisinart CPT-120 will prove its worth.

Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 Review

From $10 Good

A two-slice toaster that's easy to clean and toasts more or less evenly, it boasts wide slots, a simple browning control dial, and hinged crumb tray. Consumers love the price and are generally satisfied with toasting performance but say it's a bit slow.

The Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 (starting at $10, Amazon) is a decent buy if you're looking for a model at the low end of the cheap toaster price range. The Hamilton Beach 22605 lacks some features found in slightly more expensive toasters, but it does give value for your money. Like most other cheap toasters, this two-slice model with extra-wide 1.5-inch slots features self-adjusting bread guides and a dial that gives you some control over browning levels.

But unlike cheap toasters that cost five or ten dollars more, the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 lacks reheat, defrost, bagel, and cancel settings (you'll have to pull out the cord to stop the toasting early). The hinged crumb tray snaps open and closed, which is somewhat less convenient for cleaning than pull-out crumb trays. Still, a Proctor Silex/ Hamilton Beach 22605 review on Epinions says the toaster's small size (7x8.2x12.1 inches) and light weight (3.8 pounds) makes it easy enough to tidy up. The white plastic housing is billed as "cool wall," but at least one Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 review on Amazon complains that the sides get very hot. And the short cord, inconveniently placed at the front, takes some hits from users.

As for performance, some Hamilton Beach 22605 toaster reviews say bread and bagels toast evenly, while others report inconsistent and uneven browning. Overall, though, users say this product can't be beat for the price. It seems to be long-lasting and durable and adequately performs its primary function: toasting. A good choice for those on a budget.

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Oster 6307/6309 Review

From $27 Good

This toaster has an attractive red casing, removable crumb tray, extra-wide slots, seven browning settings, and warming, defrost, and cancel buttons. Some users rave about its style and features, but it gets mixed reviews for manufacturing quality and toasting consistency.

One of the first things consumers note in Oster 6307/6309 reviews is this model's retro styling. The housing is red brushed chrome with black trim, and many reviews on both Viewpoints and Amazon cite its appearance as one reason to buy this toaster. Consumers really like the element of color and style it brings to their kitchens.

Aside from the attractive casing, the Oster 6307/6309 (starting at $27, Amazon) features a variety of practical functions. It boasts the obligatory wide slots needed for toasting bagels and thick artisan breads, and a bagel setting that toasts the cut side and warms the outer crust. The Oster 6307/6309 also features warming, defrost, and cancel functions; seven browning settings; red LED display lights; a high rack lift for easy toast retrieval; and a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. This cheap toaster weighs about 4.5 pounds and measures approximately 7x11.5x7.5 inches.

Its appealing good looks and impressive combination of features notwithstanding, Oster 6307/6309 reviews are mixed. Some users posting reviews on Viewpoints and Amazon grumble about uneven toasting and durability issues, including toast levers that don't stay down and filaments that burn out. But other consumers are very pleased with this cheap toaster's performance. Reviews on the same sites comment positively on the accurate browning settings (although it may take some trial and error to find your preferred setting) and toast that's properly crisp but tender. One user has given away several units as gifts.

The Oster 6307/6309 has a lot going for it in terms of looks and features, but given that it falls at the upper end of the cheap toasters price range, you might expect better durability and toasting consistency. That said, complaints about this model don't seem any worse than what we found for other cheap toasters.

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Toastmaster T100 Review

From $8 Think Twice

A two-slice toaster that's sometimes sold under the Melitta label, this basic model has with wide and long toast slots, a hinged crumb tray, and a cheap price. Users complain about problems with the spring mechanism, housing that gets very hot, and burning toast.

The Toastmaster T100 (starting at $8, Amazon) is an $8 toaster whose features and functionality largely fall in line with what you might expect at this price point. It has a thin, glossy white metal casing that is attractive and easy to clean, but is prone to heating up. It features a hinged crumb tray, five five browning levels, automatic shutoff, and wide toast slots that are slightly longer than those found on most toasters. Noticeably absent, however, are cancel, defrost, and bagel functions.

User opinion about performance is mixed. One user posting a Toastmaster T100 review on Newegg notes that toasting multiple batches of bread requires patience: the toast lever won't lock down when the toaster is hot, so you have to wait for it to cool before reloading. Another user writes on Newegg that toasting is generally good once you find the browning "sweet spot" and a review on Amazon comments favorably on how quickly this model toasts. Then there are the negative reviews on Amazon that complain about burnt toast and smoke coming from inside the toaster.

The general opinion is that this toaster is adequate given its cheap price, and users with reasonable expectations in terms of functionality and durability should be able to make do with the T100. However, it may be worth spending a few more dollars and opting for another cheap toaster that offers better functionality and more options.

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T-fal Classic Avante Review

From $30 Think Twice

A two-slice toaster with an angled front for easy toast extraction, six electronic browning settings, and pull-out crumb tray. Consumer reviews are mixed, with many users saying the toaster is bulky, doesn't toast evenly or fit larger slices of bread; problems with overheating have also been reported.

At first glance, the T-fal Classic Avante (starting at $30, Amazon) is a tempting cheap toaster option. It boasts attractive and unique styling with a slanted front that makes for easy oversight and extraction of items like muffins and bagels. The T-fal Classic Avante also offers a range useful features, including cord storage and a carrying handle; cool-touch exterior; a high-lift lever; wide, self-adjusting toast slots; a pull-out crumb tray; six browning levels; bagel and reheat options; and cancel and anti-jam functions.

The T-fal Classic Avante has its share of fans -- and a large contingent of detractors. T-fal Classic Avante reviews on Amazon are mixed: some users really like the toaster - particularly the sloped styling -- while others criticize the uneven toasting and slots that are too small for larger slices of bread. According to a review on Overstock, the heating elements around the edges get hotter than those in the middle, and one consumer post on Amazon gripes about having to double-toast an English muffin, which then emerges with charred bottoms and barely toasted tops. Another user review on Amazon warns against setting the browning level beyond 2.5, but a review on Nextag says toast burns no matter which setting you choose. Users also grumble about poor build quality, and one mentions a lift handle that broke shortly after purchase.

While these issues may be acceptable for a cheaper toaster, models priced at the upper end of the Cheapism range should provide better performance. Eye-catching looks are no substitute for functionality.

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Buying Guide

Toasters are a fairly basic appliance, but they vary dramatically in price. The cheapest toasters retail for around $8, while designer toasters range from $50 to $120. (Restaurant-quality toasters cost upwards of $900!) The price differentials for the toasters that sit in your kitchen usually reflect the material and build quality, the amount of bread that can be toasted in an hour, and the presence of mechanisms such as heat sensors and automatic temperature adjusting. Fortunately, most consumers can get by with a cheap toaste. A two-slice toaster that boasts all the necessary features can be purchased for $30 or less; four-slice pop-up toasters cost a bit more.

Cheap Toasters Buying Guide

Familiar names in the cheap toaster category include Black & Decker, Toastmaster, Sunbeam, and Cuisinart, while brands such as Breville, DeLonghi, KitchenAid, and T-fal have also made a mark in the next pricing tier. To help you find the best toaster for your frugal budget, we've focused our research on the products in the $8-$30 range, and selected a few whose features and reliability make them good picks for their price.

Toast Slots.

The standard for most cheap toasters is two or four toast slots, with the price varying accordingly. Keep in mind that the width of the toast slots affects what you can toast. Extra-wide toast slots, like those found on the Oster 6307/6309 2-SliceToaster (starting at $27) let you easily insert larger or wider items, such as bagels, buns, or hand-cut bread. The 1.5-inch slots on the Cuisinart CPT-120 Cool Touch 2-slice Toaster (starting at $26) automatically adjust to suit bagel or bun toasting. But most cheap toasters these days boast slots that are wide enough for most items you'd care to toast.

Toasters Bread Lifter.

This feature, found on most toasters, ensures that smaller items like English-muffins or small buns pop up high enough so you don't have to poke around inside the toaster. Cheap toasters with this feature include the Black & Decker T2560B 2-Slice Toaster (starting at $22), Oster 6307/6309 2-slice Toaster, Cuisinart CPT-120 Cool Touch 2-slice Toaster, and Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 (starting at $10). The T-fal Classic Avante 2-Slice (starting at $30) has a slanting front that eliminates the need for a high rack lift. Some cheap toasters, like the Oster 6307/6309, feature an anti-jam mechanism that should keep bread from getting stuck.

Crumb Tray.

Bread and muffins tend to crumble and tear during toasting and on the way out, which means the crumbs collect at the bottom of the toaster, a situation that invites pests and poses a fire risk. To avoid such problems, choose a toaster with a crumb tray that's easy to pull out and empty. Removable trays are more convenient than the hinged variety, which require a bit more effort and planning. Most higher-end toasters feature a detachable crumb tray, and so do some cheap toasters, including the Cuisinart CPT-120, Oster 6307/6309, Black & Decker T2560B, and T-fal Classic Avante.

Toasters Browning Controls.

People have different preferences about how dark they like their toast, and different types of bread require different amounts of toasting time. Raisin bread, for example, browns rapidly due to its high sugar content, while thick slices of bread or bread with lots of whole seeds and grains take longer to toast. The browning controls let you control the duration of the browning process. Digital browning controls are the most accurate but generally found only on high-end toasters; the Cuisinart CPT 120, with its nine-setting digital browning dial, is one low-cost exception. Inexpensive toasters generally rely on a dial or series of buttons; the Black & Decker T2560B lets you choose along a spectrum from light to dark, the Oster 6307/6309 gives you a choice of seven shade settings, and the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 features five.

Cancel Buttons.

In case the bread (or whatever) is toasting more quickly than expected, a cancel button lets you stop the toasting process. Not all cheap toasters sport a cancel button, so check. The super-cheap Proctor Silex 22605 doesn't have one, but the Black & Decker T2560B, Oster 6307/6309, T-fal Avante Classic, and Rival 2-slice toaster (starting at $11) do; the cancel button on the Cuisinart CPT-120 is electronic.

Toasters Bagel Settings.

A bagel setting toasts one side of the bagel only, so you can choose which side to crisp. This is a reasonably common feature on cheap toasters, and you'll find it on the Black & Decker T2560B, Oster 6307/6309, and Cuisinart CPT-120. Among the toasters on our list, the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 and the Toastmaster T100 (starting at $8) can accommodate bagel-sized bread but lack a specific setting for toasting bagels.

Toasters Housing.

One downside of budget toasters is that the housing can heat up very quickly because of poor insulation or low-quality components. Fortunately, many low price toasters, such as the Cuisinart CPT-120, Black & Decker T2560B, Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605, and T-fal Classic Avante, feature stay-cool housing. Although consumers generally appreciate this feature, you have to be careful. Despite the cool-wall sides on the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605, for example, one user notes on Epinions that it gets pretty hot. And a consumer post on Amazon says the white plastic housing on the Cuisinart CPT-120 stays cool although the metal atop the slots really heat up.

Toasters Extras.

Some high-end toasters have transparent walls or they can be mounted on your kitchen wall. But several cheaper toasters may catch your fancy due to their unusual features. One example is the hard-to-find Chromo 2-slice Logo Toaster (starting at $12), which toasts a smiling sun on one side. The Back to Basics TEM-500 Egg & Muffin 2-slice Toaster (starting at $29) simultaneously toasts bread and poaches or boils an egg. Although many people store bread in a bread box or in the fridge, freezing bread is a common practice. A defrost function can help prevent the wait that comes with defrosting bread on the counter or in the microwave, both of which take time and leave you with soggy bread. Toasters like the Black & Decker T2560B and Cuisinart CPT-120 have defrost options for frozen bagels and frozen bread, but this is hardly essential. Toast tends to cool quickly, and a reheat function that warms already-toasted bread without further browning or charring is another take-it-or-leave-it feature that's rarely found on cheap toasters; the Cuisinart CPT-120 and T-fal Classic Avante are exceptions.

Features Comparison Buying Guide continues below table

(from $22)
Wide Slots Extra wide self-adjusting slots
Crumb Tray Removable crumb tray
Stay Cool Exterior Stay Cool Exterior
Cancel Button Cancel Button
Browning Controls Good quality dial browning controls
Bagel, Defrost, or Reheat options? Bagel Button, reheat and defrost options
(from $26)
Wide Slots Wide, adjustable slots
Crumb Tray Removable crumb tray
Stay Cool Exterior Stay Cool Exterior
Cancel Button Cancel Button
Browning Controls LED touch pad controls
Bagel, Defrost, or Reheat options? Bagel button, defrost, and reheat options
(from $10)
Wide Slots Wide toast slots
Crumb Tray Removable crumb tray not standard
Stay Cool Exterior Stay Cool Exterior
Cancel Button No Cancel Button
Browning Controls Simple dial browning control
Bagel, Defrost, or Reheat options? No bagel setting, or defrost or reheat options
(from $27)
Wide Slots Wide slots
Crumb Tray Removable crumb tray
Stay Cool Exterior Stay Cool Exterior
Cancel Button Cancel Button
Browning Controls Seven setting browning controls
Bagel, Defrost, or Reheat options? Has bagel, defrost, and reheat options

Toaster Reviews

As with many low-cost appliances, users' experience with any given cheap toaster varies. According to toaster reviews, some consumers are satisfied with the toast that emerges and the toaster's overall functionality while other users of the same model gripe about uneven toasting and durability issues. But if your new cheap toaster doesn't meet expectations in its first outing, try heeding the advice of experts, who say cheap toasters may need a short break-in period. In the end, though, our research indicated that most users of the toasters on our list appreciate the good performance for the budget price and many of those who think they bought a defective model note that replacing an inexpensive lemon is not a big deal.

Low-cost Toasters Design.

Aesthetics are not at the top of our list of important features, but certain design features can enhance or reduce the functionality of a cheap toaster. Take the cord, for example. Some models, like the Black & Decker T2560B (starting at $22) and Cuisinart CPT-120 (starting at $26), have slots around which the cord can be wrapped to save space. But users note in toaster reviews on Amazon that some cheap toasters, including the Oster 6307/6309 (starting at $27), have extremely short cords that limit where you can put the toaster. Other users posting on Amazon grumble about the front-side placement of the cord on the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605 (starting at $10). The placement of dials and buttons also elicits some negative comments. A review of the Cuisinart CPT-120 on Epinions, for example, says the lever for the bread lifter is too close to the hot metal top, so your fingers get burned. If the toaster lacks a cool-touch housing, notes a user of the Toastmaster T100 (starting at $8)on Amazon, the sides get extremely hot and will burn your hands. Users also grumble about toast slots that are too short or narrow. Some reviews on Amazon report that the T-fal Classic Avante 2-Slice (starting at $30), with its slanted front, doesn't sufficiently toast an entire slice of unusually-sized bread. Poorly-calibrated toasting controls are another common critique. Users note in reviews of most models that the browning settings aren't accurate and you may need to experiment until you find the one that delivers the shade you prefer; users often suggest you start out with the lighter shade or lower number markings and then cautiously adjust upward for darker toast.


Burned and/or under-toasted bread is the bane of every consumer who likes their toast just so. Toasting speed is associated with the degree of browning you choose, and the degree of browning varies by model even if it's set to "light" or a low number. According to toasters reviews of the Black & Decker T2560B on Epinions, this model toasts quickly and evenly, the settings are accurate, and the lift lever rarely jams. Reviews on Viewpoints note that it's easy to burn toast with the Cuisinart CPT-120, so the best bet is to choose one of the lower settings; most users posting reviews on report even and consistent results and one consumer is especially pleased with the defrost and bagel settings.

Users posting toasters reviews on Amazon are generally satisfied with the toast the emerges from the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605, but some grumble that toasting takes a long time and you can't stop the process midstream (if the toast is getting too dark) without pulling the cord from the outlet. The settings on the Oster 6307/6309 run dark and sometimes the toast is uneven, say reviews on Amazon, but others report results that satisfy their hunger for toast.

The Toastmaster also T100 gives better results at low settings, according to toasters reviews on Newegg, but toasts unevenly and needs to cool down before making a second batch. Toasted tops or bottoms, one side or the other -- but not both -- annoys users of the T-fal Classic Avante who posted reviews on Amazon.

Toasters Maintenance.

In general, users report their toasters are easy to clean and maintain, particularly if the toaster boasts a removable crumb tray. Users posting reviews on Epinions favorably comment on the Black & Decker T2560B's removable crumb tray, although a few users report that crumb trays on some models tend to be poor at catching crumbs. For example, one review on Viewpoints says the removable crumb tray in the Cuisinart CPT-120 is handy but its shallow depth means crumbs still wind up on the counter.

Toasters Longevity.

Given that we're looking at low-cost toasters, the durability of the product might seem questionable. An expert review on How Stuff Works notes that pop-up toasters are prone to breaking, partly because of their economical build and partly because food often gets stuck and messes up the mechanicals. Some reviews by consumers confirm the experts' assessment. One user comments on Viewpoints that the lever on Oster 6307/6309 failed after six months, so the toast didn't pop; a similar complaint is lodged against the T-fal Classic Avante, according to reviews on Amazon. Users also mention problems with heating filaments burning out on the Oster 6307/6309 and in reviews on Viewpoints and Amazon, respectively. Occasional reports also surface about casings that tarnish or discolor over time, but many users note they've owned their cheap toaster for several years without problems.

The warranty for cheap toasters varies by manufacturer.