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Outback served the most flavorful, fresh-tasting food of the five restaurants we reviewed -- but also the most expensive. The restaurant excels in convenient carryout ordering and offers the best prices on alcoholic beverages.

Consumers who dine at Outback Steakhouse seem to return frequently, judging by Outback reviews we read on Yelp. Most say they find the food fresh and flavorful. One customer notes that the unlimited bread is often still warm from the oven and has a hint of sweetness. Diners posting Outback Steakhouse reviews on TripAdvisor also enjoy the food, calling it simple, relatively healthful, and perfectly cooked to order. Many also comment on the atmosphere in reviews, saying that the restaurant makes an appropriate setting even for special occasions.

Outback served the most expensive meal for a family of four, coming in at $41.44 (plus tax and tip). That included an Outback burger with cheese and a side of fries, Grilled Chicken on the Barbie with mixed vegetables, an entree salad, a kids meal, a side salad, and a fountain drink. Our researcher tried the burger and chicken entrees, along with a house salad, and declared the food the best she sampled at any of the chain restaurants she visited. The meats were juicy, the sides well-seasoned, the salad fresh, and the bread warm and delicious -- and appreciated, given that the meals themselves included less food. Outback was the only restaurant that served only one side with the chicken entree, instead of including mashed potatoes as well. However, our researcher and her companion didn't leave hungry.

Outback doesn't advertise any healthful options on the menu but informed us the kitchen can prepare a dish to accommodate a low-fat diet or food allergy. The kids menu offers two entrees that meet the guidelines for the National Restaurant Association's Kids LiveWell initiative, with fewer than 600 calories in the entrees and fewer than 200 in the sides. A gluten-free menu is available on the chain's website.

The restaurant impressed us with its low prices for alcoholic beverages, which aren't confined to a happy hour. A margarita costs $3.95, or $11 for a pitcher, and domestic draft beer costs $2. Outback's Curbside Take-Away Online Ordering makes the carryout process more convenient than any other takeout service on our list. Orders are brought out to customers' car and can be saved for future online ordering. Outback Steakhouse is open for lunch only on Saturdays and doesn't offer any reduced prices.

Despite that and other drawbacks, such as the smaller portion sizes, Outback offers plenty of value for the money. It might be your best bet based on food alone.

Raechel Conover

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