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Think Twice

Most of the food we tried at Ruby Tuesday was run-of-the-mill. The chicken entree was fatty and, we feared, slightly undercooked. Reviews suggest we aren't the only ones who've had such an experience. That said, unsatisfied diners may be more likely to post reviews than those whose experience was satisfactory but unremarkable. Many consumers consider the salad bar a good value.

Ruby Tuesday reviews are mixed at best, with assessments on TripAdvisor ranging from upbeat to downright disappointed. Where some reviewers enjoy the burgers, another gripes that the whole table's food was cold and dried out, as though it had been under a heating lamp for way too long. The restaurant fares worse in Ruby Tuesday reviews on Yelp, where customers gripe about food that isn't cooked as ordered. One reviewer suspects that the seafood in her dish wasn't the shrimp listed on the menu. Patrons posting reviews do have positive things to say about the restaurant's signature salad bar.

Our researcher wasn't impressed with the food on her visit to Ruby Tuesday, where she and a companion ordered barbecue grilled chicken with broccoli and mashed potatoes, the classic cheeseburger and fries, and a side salad. The latter two tasted fine, but the chicken was fatty and bordered on undercooked. Garlic cheese biscuits served with the chicken added value to the meal, as did an extra side of sugar snap peas that came with the burger.

Pricewise Ruby Tuesday falls in the middle of the pack, at $39.44 (not including tax and tip) for a family of four. The restaurant offers several Fit and Trim options with fewer than 700 calories, which are noted on the menu. The kids menu, though otherwise fairly priced, is the only one on our list that doesn't include a beverage, which adds to the cost. The lunch menu comprises the usual smaller plates, combos, and the like. An extensive allergy menu available online, and by request at the restaurant, covers egg, fish, gluten/wheat, milk, MSG, peanut/tree nut, shellfish, and soy sensitivity or allergies. Vegetarians can assemble a meal from the menu of sides and find plenty of options on the salad bar but few among the entrees. Customers seeking adult beverages can order premium cocktails for $5 (there is no happy hour).

Overall we found Ruby Tuesday lackluster. The only thing that stood out was our researcher's barely cooked and thoroughly unappetizing chicken dish. Other restaurant chains offer better value for families on a budget.

Raechel Conover

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