Anyone who has logged hours upon hours behind a desk knows the importance of finding the right office chair. According to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a good office chair should support your back, shoulders, and neck; help prevent carpal tunnel problems in the hands and wrists; support your legs and buttocks; improve leg circulation; reduce workplace fatigue; and make it easy to reach whatever you need. The best cheap office chairs accomplish this for less than $150.

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Office Star Space 5500

Office Star Space 5500 Review

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The Office Star Space 5500 impresses users with its comfort and complete adjustability in the seat height, tilt, and armrests. This mesh chair has padded armrests and swivels 360 degrees. Other desirable features include a five-leg base, good lumbar support, and carpet caster wheels.

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Office Star Space 5500

Users posting Office Star Space 5500 reviews at Sam's Club call this office chair comfortable and supportive. They appreciate that the seat height, armrests, and tilt can all be adjusted to precisely match their frames. At internet retailer, users posting Office Star Space 5500 reviews describe the chair as sturdy and attractive, as well as comfortable. They agree that the tilt mechanism and lock are useful and note the adjustable armrest height. Overall, Office Star Space 5500 reviews indicate that users are happy with their purchase.

When it comes to features, the Office Star Space 5500 (starting at $150, Amazon) has all the essentials: built-in lumbar support, 360-degree swivel, and a five-point base. It also boasts padded armrests. The so-called 2-to-1 synchro tilt control feature with adjustable tilt tension allows users to adjust the angle of both the seat and the back simultaneously. The chair has a breathable, black mesh back and a padded seat. The carpet caster wheels roll easily, according to a user who posted a review on Amazon. The seat pan is 21 inches deep and 20 inches wide, with a rounded, "waterfall" edge that won't inhibit circulation to the legs.

While all the office chairs on our list offer some adjustability, this one provides the most customized fit. In addition, this office chair has all the must-have features we look for in a cheap office chair. Users like the Office Star Space 5500 because it's comfortable, sturdy, durable, and completely adjustable. Our bottom line: You can't go wrong with this budget office chair.

staples vocazo sm

Staples Vocazo Review

In Staples Vocazo reviews at Buzzillions, users say the chair is super comfortable and ergonomic. One reviewer was experiencing lower back and leg pain from using a different office chair and the pain went away when the user switched to this chair. A Staples Vocazo review at points out that the chair has built-in lumbar support that fits into the curve of the lower back. Hundreds of Staples Vocazo reviews at Buzzillions also note the chair's impressively easy assembly, with clearly labeled instructions and parts.

The Staples Vocazo (starting at $105) is sold only at Staples and offers adjustable seat height and tilt. However, the armrests are not adjustable. The chair also has a five-point base, carpet caster wheels, and 360-degree swivel. It is the only office chair we found in the budget price range that is guaranteed by the manufacturer, with a one-year limited warranty. The material is a combination of black mesh for the seatback and easy-to-clean microsuede on the seat. The seat pan measures 20.5 inches wide by 19.75 inches deep -- the shallowest of our picks, making it perhaps the best bet on our list for shorter consumers.

Features such as the materials and the one-year warranty -- the latter a pleasant surprise at this price -- leave us confident in the quality of this low-cost office chair. We're impressed by the hundreds of positive reviews from Staples customers, who praise the chair's comfort and design.

alera nico mid back chair sm

Users posting Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair reviews at Newegg report that this office chair is extremely comfortable, with padded armrests and good lumbar support. In Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair reviews at Amazon, users give the chair similar praise and add that it seems very sturdy. Reviews on both sites note that the chair sits slightly higher than others. That, combined with a large seat, may make this chair the best option on our list for tall consumers. Some users posting Alera Nico Mid-Back chair reviews find assembly easy, while others that say the chair is a beast to put together. However, even in reviews that note assembly issues, users say the Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair is so comfortable the tough assembly is worth it.

The Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair (starting at $134, Amazon) is the only office chair we found in the budget price range that has a seat and seatback made of super-soft upholstery designed to look, feel, and wipe clean like leather. The seat height and tilt are adjustable, although the padded armrests are not. This office chair has built-in lumbar support, a five-point base, and 360-degree swivel. It boasts the largest seat pan of any office chair on our list: 21 inches square. The wheel type is not specified.

We really like the material on the Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair. Leather is one of the easiest office chair materials to clean, and while this isn't technically leather, it is similarly easy to wipe clean. Users seem impressed with this budget office chair's comfort level and durable, sturdy build.

lg z line designs task chair zl1001 01tcu lg

In Z-Line Designs Task Chair reviews on the website of J&R Electronics, users complain that the back of this office chair is loose and wobbly and in some cases falls off completely. Apparently even when the main screw is tightened, it comes loose on a daily basis. A user who posted a Z-Line Designs Task Chair review on Amazon had the same issue: After only one day, the screw was loose, and on the second day of use, the back fell off. However, this cheap office chair earns praise in Z-Line Designs Task Chair reviews on the website of retailer R.C. Willey, mainly for being comfortable and providing good lumbar support.

The seat height is adjustable on the Z-Line Designs Task Chair (starting at $64, Amazon), but the specs don't mention anything about adjustable tilt and there are no armrests. Both the seat and back are made from mesh fabric. Otherwise this office chair comes with all the usual features: a 360-degree swivel, carpet caster wheels, a five-point base, built-in lumbar support, and a rounded seat edge for better leg circulation.

While some users admire the design of this cheap office chair, we don't like that it doesn't have armrests. Many user reviews are terrible, with numerous accounts of the back not tightening properly, coming loose, and breaking off, making us question the safety of the chair. Consider spending more on a better budget office chair.

lg techni mobili 0097m lg

According to Techni Mobili 0097M reviews at, the Techni Mobili 0097M Mesh Office Chair has big problems. From the mesh backing on the seatback falling off and popping out to the back of the chair completely snapping off, this cheap office chair gets very poor reviews on the retail site. Users posting Techni Mobili 0097M reviews at Amazon report the same problems, saying that the chair back snaps off when they put just a small amount of pressure on it -- in one case it broke after only a day of use.

The seat height and tilt on the Techni Mobili 0097M (starting at $68, Amazon) are adjustable. The chair does have armrests, but they are not adjustable or padded. It has a five-point base with nylon wheels, a mesh back, and a fabric seat. There is no mention of lumbar support, a swivel, or seat pan size in the specs.

This budget office chair seems to have few redeeming qualities. The fact that the manufacturer doesn't mention lumbar support raises a red flag. User reviews further turn us off this cheap office chair, making it sound downright dangerous. They say leaning back even a little can cause the back of the chair to break off. You are likely better off putting your money toward a safer and better-equipped budget office chair.

Buying Guide

Choosing an Office Chair

Anyone who has logged hours upon hours behind a desk knows the importance of finding the right office chair. According to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a good office chair should support your back, shoulders, and neck; help prevent carpal tunnel problems in the hands and wrists; support your legs and buttocks; improve leg circulation; reduce workplace fatigue; and make it easy to reach whatever you need. The best cheap office chairs accomplish this for less than $150.

Pricey vs. Cheap Office Chairs.

High-end office chairs can cost as much as $1,200. The celebrated Aeron chair by Herman Miller (starting at more than $500) comes in three different sizes, and every piece adjusts to give users the precise position they need. It's also guaranteed for 12 years. While cheap office chairs don't come with the Aeron's warranty and pinpoint adjustability, not to mention its brand name and design pedigree, many aren't lacking in comfort and offer more than a nod to ergonomics.

Office Chair Reviews: What We Considered

We based our evaluations of office chairs' performance in large part on a close reading of user reviews. Certain models are sold by only one or two retailers and therefore only reviewed in one or two places. Office chair reviews are somewhat harsh and no cheap office chair escapes criticism.

There are lots of elements to look for in an office chair. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to increase comfort and productivity and decrease discomfort, fatigue, and even injury in the workplace. An office chair should adjust to accommodate the user and provide proper lumbar support. Other features to consider are the seat pan, armrests, materials, and base. Office chair reviews also address mobility and durability.


Comfort seems to be the No. 1 priority among consumers posting office chair reviews. After all, who wants to spend money on a chair that isn't comfortable? Users expect even a budget office chair to be comfortable enough to sit on for long periods of time and to properly support the back, legs, buttocks, shoulders, and arms.

Adjustability is key. We looked for ergonomic office chairs that provide a customized fit with adjustable components. This includes the seat height, tilt, and armrests. According to OSHA, the seat is at the proper height when your feet rest fully on the ground and the backs of your knees are slightly higher than the seat of the chair. The ideal sitting position is with your back completely against the seat back at a slight backward tilt. Adjustable armrests ease the tension in your shoulders and arms.

Lumbar Support.

Good lumbar support is an especially important aspect of a comfortable office chair. To avoid back injury and fatigue, look for a curved seat back that lets you sit with a slight arch in your back instead of hunching forward. Test out the chair and make sure it can be adjusted so the curve of the seat back aligns with the natural curve of your lower back.


The seat pan needs to be wide enough and deep enough to properly support your legs and allow you to sit comfortably for many hours at a time. There are no ideal measurements, because people come in all different sizes. Larger users need a wider seat and taller users need a deeper seat to make sure their thighs are fully supported. Shorter users need a shallower seat and possibly a footrest so they can rest the bottoms of their feet on flat ground without having to scoot forward and lose the lumbar support provided by the backrest. The edge of the seat should be rounded -- a design known as a "waterfall" seat -- to avoid cutting off circulation to the lower legs.


Some consumers might choose an office chair without armrests for budget or aesthetic reasons, but armrests are an important ergonomic feature, because they take strain off your shoulders, neck, and arms. The armrests should be slightly padded and lack any sharp edges for added comfort. You don't want armrests that are too high, low, wide, or close. The goal is to sit in a relaxed position with your shoulders back and down and your arms resting lightly on the armrests at your sides. If the armrests are not adjustable, test out the height to make sure it isn't too high or low for you. If proper positioning is not possible, look for a different chair with armrests that are adjustable or fit your proportions better.


Cloth, mesh, and leather upholstery seem to be the most popular fabric choices for office chairs. Cloth is the cheapest and breathes well, and mesh office chairs are ventilated and durable. Leather upholstery is easiest to wipe clean, although it tends to be on the expensive side. More common in the budget price range is upholstery designed to look, feel, and wipe clean like real leather.


The base is what supports the chair and keeps it from tipping over. According to OSHA, a chair base with less than five legs is a tipping hazard. All the low-cost office chairs we reviewed have a five-leg base.

Many office workers swivel around to reach and file materials and wheel from one spot to another. Casters and swivel mechanisms make it possible to get into position easily. There are different casters for different floor surfaces; the most common are for carpet. The swivel mechanism allows you to rotate your seat without moving the entire chair. A 360-degree swivel is very common in inexpensive office chairs.


Consumers spending up to $150 on office chairs expect them to last a while -- at least longer than a year or two. We looked for reviews that refer to high-quality materials and chairs that have held up well with years of frequent use. We rejected office chairs with reported problems such as a wobbly, unstable seat back or cheap mesh held in place with staples that pop out. Most office chairs in the budget range do not come with a warranty.

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Seat Pan Dimensions
Product Title
Seat Pan Dimensions

Office Star Space 5500

Seat height, armrest height, tilt
21 inches wide, 20 inches deep
Padded and adjustable
Mesh back, padded seat

Staples Vocazo

Seat height, tilt
20.5 inches wide, 19.75 inches deep
Padded but not adjustable
Mesh back, microsuede seat

Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair

Seat height, tilt
21 inches wide, 21 inches deep
Padded but not adjustable
Caresoft upholstery (imitation leather)