Nordstrom Wedding Dresses Review

From $178 Best

Lovely gowns and well-regarded customer service earn this department store a top spot on our list of best cheap wedding dresses. You can order online or buy at any of the 18 stores with a "wedding suite." Brides rave about dress quality, quick delivery, helpful consultants, and an easy return policy.

A department store might not be on your radar when you start the hunt for a low-cost wedding gown, but Nordstrom is sending out signals loud and clear. This venerable retailer wins plaudits in Nordstrom wedding dress reviews for the carefully chosen selection of sophisticated dresses by various designers. No crinoline skirts, no poufy sleeves, and if you want a veil, you'll have to shop somewhere else. About a quarter of the collection sells for $500 or less and prices start below $200. The reviews that we found are posted on the company's website and are, for the most part, glowing. No low-cost dress that has been reviewed earns less than 3.5 stars. A $298 chiffon gown with a mermaid silhouette by Adrianna Papell earns almost entirely positive reviews for its flattering fit and elegant look. Some of the white, cream, and off-white dresses are perfectly suitable for a gala or other formal affair, and some can be ordered in different colors.

This upscale chain, located in malls around the country, sells wedding gowns online or at wedding suites in 18 of its stores. The suites are staffed with wedding consultants (appointments preferred), but you can also consult with a stylist via live chat or telephone. Customer service wins applause from shoppers posting Nordstrom wedding dress reviews for helpful sales associates, moderately priced alterations, and a generous return policy that lets you order several dresses to see which fits best. And, as Nordstrom wedding dress reviews posted on Wedding Bee note, the retailer makes good on mistakes.

Nordstrom is a full-service wedding provider -- with all the necessities for your bridal party, including the guys and your little helpers, as well as jewelry, shoes, lingerie, and perfume -- and delivers top quality at affordable prices.

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J. Crew Wedding Dresses Review

From $298 Best

This retailer sells cheap wedding dresses of excellent quality online and in wedding boutiques at about a dozen locations. Shoppers say the consultants are helpful and the return policy is quite generous compared with other bridal retailers'.

J. Crew was one of the first everyday clothing retailers to enter the bridal industry. J. Crew wedding dress reviews suggest that frugal brides are thrilled the company did so. At Wedding Wire, for example, customers describe the styles as classic and flattering, and note that the online pictures display the wedding dresses in a way that gives you a good idea what they truly look like. The designs earn points from customers posting reviews on Yelp who applaud the sophistication, clean lines, and minimal fussiness. Almost all of the wedding gowns are strapped, strapless, or sleeveless styles that fall to the floor, although a couple of the dresses under $500 are knee-length. Brides report that many of the bargain-priced styles can do double-duty at other formal occasions.

Several J. Crew wedding dress reviews also comment approvingly on the high quality fabrics used to make the gowns. Even the lower-price end of the J. Crew line features gowns made of silk trocotine and silk chiffon and brides commenting on sites like Project Wedding say the dresses they chose for themselves and their bridal parties were beautiful and well-made.

Way back in 2004, the J. Crew wedding collection numbered just two styles. Today, you can shop online and choose from among more than 50 styles, including about 10 that range in price from $298 to $495, plus a few others well under $600. The company also sells formalwear for the bridal party (including the groom and his men), outfits for the honeymoon, and accessories for bride and groom. J. Crew operates bridal departments staffed with consultants in 10 stores around the country, as well as a dedicated bridal boutique in Manhattan. An appointment is necessary at all these locations. As with many retailers, customer service seems to vary by store. With but a few reported exceptions, the majority of J. Crew wedding dress reviews indicate that brides had pleasant experiences with consultants and staff.

If you're shopping for a good quality, simply styled wedding gown that will draw compliments without pushing your limited budget over the edge, J. Crew is one of the best places to start.

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Bloomingdale's Wedding Dresses Review

From $248 Good

Budget-savvy brides have been looking to Bloomingdale's for years for high-quality evening gowns that work as wedding dresses. The retailer made an explicit foray into the bridal market in 2011, launching a Wedding Shop on its website.

The Bloomingdale's Wedding Shop is essentially a section of the website where the retailer has collected dozens of white and off-white evening gowns, as well as short dresses and several pricier styles that look a bit more "bridal." A bride-to-be who posted a Bloomingdale's wedding dress review on Yelp appreciates that the department store is a one-stop shop: Her sisters also found affordable dresses for the wedding and Bloomingdale's handled the alterations. The online Wedding Shop encompasses not only apparel for the wedding itself but also outfits that might work for an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or honeymoon.

We found relatively few Bloomingdale's wedding dress reviews (most online feedback focused on the store's registry service, which seems to have given couples fits) but most comments come from satisfied customers. Women who have been disappointed by bridal salons have had success here, according to reviews. Media outlets such as Brides magazine lauded the collection at its launch for providing a modern alternative to more traditional trumpet shapes and ballgowns. One bride who posted on Wedding Wire couldn't seem to find what she wanted until she went shopping at Bloomingdale's and happened upon the perfect dress. Bloomingdale's is a good source for brides seeking a destination wedding dress or an affordable second dress for the reception that won't get in the way like a full skirt would.

Of course, many Bloomingdale's wedding dress reviews point to the appealing price tags. More than two dozen of the 61 dresses on the store's website sell for less than $500. They all qualify for free shipping and can be returned to most stores or by mail, although the retailer does not cover shipping costs unless a dress was sent in error.

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David's Bridal Wedding Dresses Review

From $99 Think Twice

A national chain that sells cheap wedding gowns from its own line, along with some designer labels, David's Bridal claims a large chunk of the market but not brides' hearts. Customers complain about poor service and the high price of alterations.

When you think wedding dress retailer, David's Bridal often comes to mind. This store is everywhere around the U.S. and carries dozens of really cheap dresses. Indeed, the prices seem to be the big draw here, according to many David's Bridal wedding dress reviews. Although some frugal shoppers are quite satisfied with the offerings, others pan the selection for what they describe as poor quality fabric and indifferent designs. One review on Yelp terms the styles "cookie cutter" and another says they're outdated.

The majority of complaints among the David's Bridal wedding dress reviews that we found, however, are reserved for customer service. Postings on For a Better Wedding deplore the service, and anxiety-inducing stories abound on Wedding Wire. One bride writes in a David's Bridal review that a San Diego store ordered the wrong gown for her, but when she picked up the correct one several weeks later, she discovered the store had ordered the wrong sashes for her bridesmaids. Other wedding dress reviews report incorrect and high-priced alterations, delivery dates for alterations that weren't met, and dirty in-stock inventory.

David's Bridal also sells wedding gowns online, and it carries an extensive line of accessories, including veils, headpieces, jewelry, and shoes. The retailer can outfit the female members of the wedding party, including flower girls. Note that David's Bridal has a very strict return policy: two weeks for items bought online and no exchanges for items bought in the stores. Oh, yes -- if you shop at one of the retail locations, you must make an appointment.

Given the growing competition among retailers selling good quality, low-price wedding gowns, you can afford to bypass this specialty vendor.

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Buying Guide

As a little girl, you might have dreamed of the day when you'd don the perfect white gown to walk down the aisle and say "I do" to the love of your life. But now you're all grown up and well aware of the budget constraint. A survey by The Knot and found that brides spend an average of $1,121 on their dresses; many spend far more. For some brides, a wedding gown is the most expensive dress they'll ever own. As you begin your search, remember that you're in charge here. There's no reason to go into debt for a fantasy gown from Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang. These days, there's also no reason to settle for a cheap wedding dress that's dowdy-looking, poorly constructed, or made of shoddy material. Choose the dress you want at a price you can afford.

Cheap Wedding Dress Buying Guide

Certainly all the excitement and fantasy surrounding a wedding isn't lost on the bridal industry. But retailers have become highly attuned to the new frugal zeitgeist. Our research found several national apparel chains that feature lines of cheap wedding dresses or collections of evening gowns that could easily pass for wedding attire. Even Costco, the discount mass merchandiser, has crashed the wedding party, as has Urban Outfitters, with its BHLDN line. Both retailers, however, showcase wedding dresses at prices that surpass our definition of "cheap."

So what does qualify as cheap? A long silk chiffon or tricotine gown for $425 at J. Crew, for example, or a one-shoulder satin gown for $288 at Nordstrom. These aren't upmarket designer duds, mind you. At this price point, you'll be shopping by store or vendor, rather than searching for specific dresses by big-name designers. Unless you wear a size 6, 8, or 10 and can score a high-end gown from a sample sale (which normally happens only a couple of times a year, when bridal salons look to clear their racks to make room for a new season's stock), you'll be looking at cheap wedding dresses from retailers including department stores, mass-market apparel brands, and, of course, David's Bridal.

There are also scads of independent wedding boutiques and online-only vendors that sell cheap wedding gowns, most showcasing lines designed specifically for the budget end of the market. Other sources of cheap wedding gowns are wholesale warehouses located abroad (usually in China) that sell through the web and ship gowns and accessories at cut-rate prices; is one example. Comments on Wedding Wire and elsewhere suggest that such sites do have some satisfied customers. However, complaints abound from brides whose dresses didn't match online photos or never arrived at all. Others don't like that many of the dresses are replicas, for which the original designer gets no credit or compensation.

Instead, we recommend embracing one of the many stylish and well-made wedding dresses available at reputable retailers. We found Nordstrom and J. Crew to be the best sources of cheap wedding dresses, followed by Bloomingdale's, which aggregates wedding apparel on its website and sells bridal dresses in stores but doesn't offer the same specialized service. Ann Taylor's wedding line just missed our list because it carries only a few dresses under $500 -- although many for $550 -- and most of the few reviews we found concern bridesmaids' dresses rather than bridal gowns. We walked away from David's Bridal because reviews indicate it comes up short on customer service.

The trick to finding the perfect cheap wedding dress is to spend time shopping and learning about gowns, rather than make a snap decision. Bridal sales associates are notorious for aggressive selling. Try to keep your emotions at bay and focus on the practical -- you'll have a much better chance of loving the dress you choose. participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product through a link on our site. This helps support our work and does not influence editorial content.

Wedding Dress Reviews: Customer Service

Shopping for a wedding gown is such an individual experience that even retailers and dress lines that garner strongly positive reviews are also subject to criticism. There also isn't an abundance of wedding dress reviews online, nor is there much feedback on the vendors that sell them. However, we found enough reviews to draw some conclusions that should help frugal brides-to-be find their match.

Based on the wedding dress reviews we read, brides on a budget are not inclined to lower their standards. They still want quality fabric and construction, service that's attentive without being pushy, and clean gowns to try on if they venture into a store. They are wary of retailers who sell good-quality gowns at budget prices but then compensate by charging high fees for alterations (ahem, David's Bridal).

Customer Service.

Wedding dress reviews indicate that brides expect courteous and respectful service, especially from retailers who require appointments. Customers who shop at Nordstrom, J. Crew, or David's Bridal have access to a personal wedding consultant; Nordstrom also offers personalized service through live chat or by phone. Unlike bridal salons, where dresses are special-ordered, take months to come in, and cannot be returned, all the retailers on our list promise snappy service (some dresses arrive in less than a week) and the possibility to return a bargain wedding gown if you come down with a case of buyer's remorse. Brides who order a dress online expect prompt delivery (or at least delivery within the time specified on the site) and packaging that minimizes wrinkling or flattening, according to wedding dress reviews.

Nordstrom is credited for its helpful sales associates in wedding dress reviews posted on Yelp. Brides say store employees are patient and cheery and have followed up via email to see if an accessory that was ordered fit well. Shoppers commenting on Wedding Wire laud Nordstrom's informative website, generous return policy, and prompt shipping.

J. Crew offers in-store shopping at only a few locations, and most reviews that mention service praise the consultants' professionalism and relaxed demeanor. One saleswoman went out of her way to get "the" dress shipped to a Chicago store's wedding boutique, according to a wedding dress review on Yelp. However, we did come across a few comments about negative experiences in the Manhattan boutique with staff who struck some shoppers as snooty and indifferent. Two brides interviewed for a Wall Street Journal article, on the other hand, were thrilled at how quickly their online orders showed up on their doorsteps.

You won't find specialized wedding stylists at Bloomingdale's. Brides who have posted wedding dress reviews at Wedding Wire say the in-store service doesn't match what you would expect from a bridal salon, but the sales associates are helpful. Most wedding-related reviews of the customer service at Bloomingdale's center on its registry service and other merchandise such as invitations and jewelry.

Reading through wedding dress reviews, it was hard not to notice the many negative comments about customer service at David's Bridal. Shoppers posting on Complaints Board say the sales staff is inattentive, and an impersonal air permeates the store, making what should be a thrilling and intimate experience seem very cold. More than one bride commenting on Yelp compares her experience at the store in Milpitas, Calif., to buying a used car. Wedding dress reviews posted on Yelp about other stores in the chain gripe about dirty samples and smelly facilities. The price of alterations is another target of customers' ire, with many suggesting fellow brides turn to an independent seamstress. Several brides-to-be also report agonizing moments when an altered dress was not ready for a scheduled pick-up.

The return policy at David's Bridal is relatively strict. According to the website, dresses purchased at the store cannot be returned or exchanged, although customers posting reviews on report that the chain sometimes makes exceptions. David's Bridal accepts returns of online merchandise within 14 days, and only when sent via snail mail; dresses can't be returned to a store.

Best Wedding Dress Selection and Quality

Our picks for the best cheap wedding dresses -- Nordstrom and J. Crew -- are noted for high-quality gowns at affordable prices and for styles that are elegant and modern. The downside is the relatively small sizes of these standout collections: Under-$500 gowns currently number 14 at Nordstrom and 10 at J. Crew. The entire J. Crew line includes more than 50 different styles, but prices reach $3,000. Other budget vendors, such as Jessica McClintock, carry no more than a dozen wedding dresses in total.

And yet, brides seem quite satisfied with the choices. Nordstrom earns praise for the look and fit of its dresses in bridal gown reviews on the company's website. Nearly 50 brides favor a flowy, empire-waisted gown with beading and sequins, especially for a destination or second wedding. They note that the $178 dress is lined and the material produces a slimming effect.

Bridal gown reviews on Project Wedding are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the J. Crew line. Customers comment on the luxurious feel of the material, quality construction, and flattering fit. The unpretentious styling draws in brides who disdain the frou-frou look of many more traditional wedding gowns, according to reviews on Yelp, and the limited range of offerings appeals to some shoppers because it's not overwhelming. But be forewarned: Some shoppers say the fabrics and designs tend to show off whatever pudge you may have and seem geared toward women with toned bodies.

Bloomingdale's carries 61 bridal dresses, including 28 under $500 and a few of the same styles as Nordstrom. Some may not fit many brides' vision of wedding gown, though. For instance, on the company's website, a couple of customers applaud a Sue Wong dress with a short petal skirt and beading detail, but one wore it as a guest at a wedding, not as a bride. There are also almost no other reviews of current designs. However, we found very positive reviews of discontinued styles at Bloomingdale's. Brides rave about a silk jacquard beaded gown, which delivered a show-stopping look that could easily be trotted out again for a future event. A tea-length dress with a black sash was even more beautiful in person than in the picture, according to brides who wore it in their weddings and posted reviews on the Bloomingdale's site.

Jessica McClintock offers a limited bridal line made of taffeta, satin, and charmeuse. The gowns are described by some shoppers as worth their low prices (which start at $190) even if they're not the best wedding dresses in terms of quality. Many are more typically "bridal," with fuller skirts and other architectural features, although most have no train. These might appeal to frugal brides who can't find what they're looking for among all the sheath dresses at other budget outfitters.

While Ann Taylor offers only a few wedding dresses in our range, eight fall just outside it, at $550, and no gown commands more than three figures. Many are made of silk, and bridal gown reviews dub the line attractive and affordable. On Wedding Wire, a couple of brides find the customer service lacking, but others say the gowns are well-made and pretty in their simple elegance. An editor at Brides magazine lauds the spring 2012 collection for its range and value. Several bridal gown reviews note that Ann Taylor dresses are unfussy and practical.

David's Bridal claims about one-third of the U.S. market, and some of those many customers talk up the selection, quality, and value of the mega-chain's dresses, most of which sell for less than $1,000. However, some brides posting wedding dress reviews on sites such as Wedding Wire say the dresses are made from low-quality fabric and lack any design panache. You can buy an off-the-rack dress at David's Bridal stores, but it's likely to have been tried on by many other shoppers and may be torn or dirty.

Wedding Dress Fabrics.

Before committing to a gown, be sure to feel the fabric and read the label. The best wedding dresses in any price range are made from quality fabric. There are dozens of options, from lightweight chiffon to luxurious lace. Don't be afraid to question a fabric. Italian satin is not silk, for example -- it might be a fancy name for Chinese polyester. If you have your heart set on silk, be on the lookout for fabric nubs -- these are natural, but there should be very few. A quality satin is smooth and flexible. Chiffon should be soft and free-flowing. Gowns made from chiffon, organza, or tulle should have thick layers -- you certainly don't want to parade around in a see-through dress. The best wedding dresses are beautiful but also sturdy. Your gown shouldn't snag, run, or tear as you walk down the aisle or dance with your groom.

Wedding Dress Details.

For a gown to lie properly, the seams must be precise. Be sure to inspect a dress for seams that are straight and evenly spaced, especially if it's lightweight or form-fitting. If you're shopping for an off-the-rack or sample-sale dress, be on the lookout for pulled threads or ripped seams.

For some women, a wedding is not complete without something in the way of sequins, beads, ribbons, or rhinestones. But that doesn't mean you have to go over your $500 budget. We looked at plenty of inexpensive wedding gowns online that feature at least some decorative detail, be it beading, appliques, ruffles, or embroidery. On cheaper gowns, the detailing is stitched by machine rather than by hand.

Wedding Dresses Online

Real Simple reports that most brides still purchase their gowns at a physical store, according to a fashion editor at The Knot. Not surprisingly, many women prefer to try on a gown before purchasing to get a feel for the material and see whether the look and fit are right. And for some the in-store experience is integral to the wedding romance. But shopping for a cheap wedding dress online has grown in popularity, perhaps because consumers are making more and more online purchases in general, lured by the web's convenience and boundless selection (and perhaps because some women just don't want to deal with the whole bride thing). Shopping for a cheap wedding dress online also seems to appeal to brides who prefer something less formal or simply need a dress on short notice.

Whatever the reason, some retailers, including all those on our list, are hedging their bets by offering cheap wedding dresses online as well as in their stores. J. Crew, for instance, features 10 cheap wedding dresses online (starting at $298 for a knee-length lace dress). Most of the cheapest styles are available only online or in the catalog; only a couple are carried by the 11 stores with the wedding collection. The store has a $175 threshold for free shipping, so all the wedding dresses qualify. Gowns bought online or through the catalog can be returned to any J. Crew store for a refund or exchange within 60 days.

Nordstrom features 14 gowns for less than $500 on its website (the cheapest priced at $178), as well as a wide selection of "little white dresses." It operates wedding suites at 18 locations. Nordstrom provides free shipping and free returns and exchanges by mail. Brides who buy a cheap wedding dress online can also return it to a store. Both Nordstrom and J. Crew require an appointment if you want to physically inspect the goods; don't count on a walk-in unless the shop is not busy and you can sweet-talk the staff into cutting you some slack.

The Bloomingdale's website houses 28 long and short low-cost wedding dresses, starting at $248. All styles qualify for the company's free standard shipping on orders of at least $150. The store will accept returns or exchanges but does not pay for shipping on returns by mail, except in case of an error on its part. Dresses purchased online can also be returned to most of the more than 40 brick-and-mortar stores.

If David's Bridal is on your list of preferred vendors, you can shop from the comfort of your couch or at one of its hundreds of retail locations (by appointment, please). Most of the stock at David's Bridal is designed in-house, and we counted nearly 200 styles with price tags of $500 or less featured on the website. For $99 there's a long, charmeuse dress with a halter neckline or a short, sleeveless, chiffon dress with ruffles in the front and tiered layers on the skirt. Sales bring even a few styles from the much-touted White by Vera Wang line into our price range. A good number of David's Bridal designs seem suited for larger women. Some gowns are available only online, some only in stores, and a few at either source.

Ann Taylor offers most of its cheap wedding dresses online only. Four of the 20 gowns in the line sell for less than $500 and eight others come in at $550, just beyond our budget range. Gowns ordered online can be returned by mail but not to Ann Taylor stores. A couple of moderately priced wedding dress labels, including Alfred Angelo and Casablanca, sell only through authorized retailers (and warn of the perils of buying online) but let brides search their websites and enter a ZIP code to find a nearby store. Unlike most designers, Alfred Angelo also lists prices online; they start as low as $259.

One factor to consider if you go the online route is whether you feel comfortable ordering a cheap wedding dress online without trying it on. Bear in mind that you typically have the option to return the dress for whatever reason, although you may have to pay for return shipping and wait for a replacement.

Wedding Dress Alterations, Used Wedding Dresses

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so many brides-to-be want to get everything in one spot. That means wedding dress alterations, cheap wedding accessories such as jewelry, and even gowns for bridesmaids and moms.

Most of the vendors we researched offer on-site alteration services. But beware: In-store alterations may cost more than having the work done on the outside. Indeed, despite the convenience of on-site wedding dress alterations, we found plenty of comments posted by David's Bridal customers complaining about the high fees charged for necessary adjustments.

For the most part, you're on your own when it comes to tucks, hems, and repairs, whether you're buying a budget wedding gown online or at a store. While J. Crew doesn't take care of wedding dress alterations, the retailer does carry petite sizes, which may save shorter brides from having to pay for hemming.

The wedding dress purveyors we researched stock all kinds of accessories, from shoes to veils to undergarments, although not every retailer carries them all. The selection seems relatively limited at Ann Taylor and most extensive at David's Bridal. Prices for any given accessory vary by vendor and appear to be highest at Nordstrom and J. Crew. Without passing any judgment on quality or aesthetics, we found floor-length veils for $464 at J. Crew and $69 at David's Bridal. By the way, brides say one advantage to working with a consultant at J. Crew, David's Bridal, or Nordstrom is getting tips on how to accessorize a dress.

If you're hoping to outfit the rest of your wedding party from the same source, it's relatively easy to do. Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and J. Crew carry dresses, shoes, accessories, and gifts for bridesmaids, as well as the necessary duds for the groom and his posse. Flower girls and ring bearers can also be accommodated. Ann Taylor focuses on the bride and her attendants, and David's Bridal also sticks with the female gender but can cover them all, including special guests.

Used Wedding Dresses.

One last piece of advice: Don't limit your search to brand-new gowns. Used wedding dresses are often cheaper still, and may have originally come from a designer or upscale bridal boutique. They also may never have been worn before. We've seen "pre-owned" wedding gowns sold by brides who changed their wedding venue or their mind about a dress and couldn't return it to a salon.

Check out sites such as eBay and Craigslist, which might have listings for used wedding dresses in your locale., Recycled Bride, and Once Wed connect bridal gown buyers and sellers. Encore Bridal offers gently used wedding dresses through its "e-boutique" as well as a showroom in San Francisco. Don't forget vintage stores and local bridal consignment shops -- or borrowing from a relative, which may imbue your wedding dress with more meaning.

Brides Against Breast Cancer sells new and used wedding dresses at low prices and contributes part of the profit to cancer research. The group sometimes offers designer dresses from the prior season, which is another way to snag a gown fit for a princess at a pauper's price.

Additional Products We Considered

Ann Taylor Wedding Dresses Review

From $248

With its line of low-cost wedding gowns, Ann Taylor is another welcome addition to the wedding party. Although only a few styles come in under $500, not one of the 19 dresses in its collection fetches more than three figures. In Ann Taylor wedding dress reviews, the line is praised for the clean, classic designs and what one bride describes on Wedding Wire as simple elegance. The staple design is strapless with tiered fabric or a softly flowing long skirt. Many are made of silk or silk blends, with a minimum of fussy detailing. One review on the Wedding Bells blog notes that this is a line of dresses you can wear again. Ditto for the bridesmaid collection, according to reviews, which includes about 30 styles (mostly short dresses) priced between $150 and $895. Based on the Ann Taylor reviews we found, much of the retailer's wedding business involves bridesmaids who comment on sites like Wedding Project that the styles rise above the usual bridesmaid look and the dresses themselves are well-made. Despite general praise for the quality-to-price ratio, we did note a couple of grumbles about the look and feel of the fabrics.

The wedding gowns and designated bridesmaid dresses are sold online only. Most customers say the ordering system works well. One Ann Taylor wedding dress review on Wedding Wire reports that a gown arrived within a week and another says a replacement gown in a different size was shipped quickly. Customers also appreciate the good condition of the gowns that arrive at their homes.

Bottom line: Reviews are relatively scarce for Ann Taylor's wedding line, but most brides-to-be who have bought their gowns from the retailer seem well pleased with their choice.

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Jessica McClintock Wedding Dresses Review

From $190

If you associate Jessica McClintock only with your senior prom, do a little reality check. This chain and online retailer also sells low-cost wedding gowns that mirror the styles you might find in a bridal salon, if not the fabrics. Jessica McClintock wedding dress reviews on Yelp suggest brides turn to some designs for destination weddings. The low prices -- specially designed wedding dresses start at $190 and top out at just $299 -- hold great appeal, according to reviews. And if you check out the larger formalwear lines, you might find a suitable frock or gown for even less. Bridesmaids and moms can also shop here for low-cost wedding attire.

The wedding collection is sold online or through the company's retail locations. Customer service is a bit hit-and-miss. Some Jessica McClintock wedding dress reviews say the sales associates at the brick-and-mortar stores are friendly and helpful, and the shopping experience far better than what you encounter at a well-known chain of bridal boutiques. But other customers complain about indifferent staff and dresses that are dirty and well-worn from being pushed around on the racks and tried on by numerous customers; one bride suggests ordering online instead to score a fresh and untouched dress. Wedding dress reviews also indicate many shoppers are put off by the strict return policy.

Where to buy