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Despite its status as the third largest discount chain, the Kmart in our area displayed just four racks of plants and one table with vegetable seedlings. The supplies on hand cost less than those sold at the best and good garden centers but more than similar items at Walmart. Low prices don't compensate for the dearth of products and the uninformed staff.

Although Kmart advertises a garden center, our neighborhood outpost didn't come close to meeting the definition. The day we showed up for a Kmart garden center review, the store fell out of the running immediately due to the paucity of plants. Whereas the four other garden centers we visited at the onset of spring were well stocked, all we found at Kmart were four bookcase-style display shelves of pansies, violas, and alyssums set outside the main entrance, accompanied by a sprinkling of vegetable plants inside. This was the beginning and the end of the garden center offerings.

Of the 14 items on our Kmart garden center review shopping list, six (rhododendron, heather, daphne, lithodora, primrose, and garden soil) were out of stock. The grand total for the available seed packets, plants, and supplies came to $54.29. When we tallied up the cost of the items Kmart had in stock and compared that to the pricing at rival garden centers, Kmart's total exceeded both Walmart and Lowe's and was a couple of dollars cheaper than Home Depot.

We were so surprised by the dearth of perennials and shrubs that we found an employee working next to a seed display and asked where we would find the nearest Kmart garden center. He confirmed that we were in the right place and explained that the plants had not come in for the season yet. Still, a follow-up phone call left us in doubt that the garden center actually would be receiving more plants and, if so, that it would carry a wide range of offerings. In any case, given the fierce competition for garden supplies and the benefits that accrue to early birds, it seemed that the Kmart garden center was at a significant disadvantage.

Our Kmart garden center review also found a very limited selection of gardening tools and supplies. Even for basic items such as trowels, this location stocked just one option. We had no luck finding gardening soil and were told it was out of stock. The employee didn't know if more was expected.

An online search for Kmart garden center reviews turned up empty.

When it comes to gardening needs, Kmart just can't compete. Sure, you can pick up a sprinkler or a rake while shopping for kids' clothes or home goods, but plan on hitting another garden center to get your fill of pretty blooms.

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