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Walmart ranked second in our shopping cart price comparison. The Ad Match Guarantee is an effective low-price strategy and our shopping expedition proceeded without hiccups. Selection was on par with other cheap grocery stores.

Walmart placed second in our three-way grocery-store review. The shopping cart total for 37 items priced at Walmart reached $85.88, making it $13.58 more expensive than Aldi and $7.85 cheaper than Kroger (before Kroger Plus Card savings were applied). Walmart also beat out Kroger with the lowest prices on most of the 26 national or regional brand products found in both stores, yielding savings of more than 20 percent. In addition to already cheap prices, our Walmart grocery review found that shoppers enjoy the benefit of redeeming manufacturers' coupons and cashing in on Walmart's Ad Match Guarantee, which meets competitors' prices on identical items shown in advertisements (the pledge also covers loyalty shopping card prices).

Despite Walmart's success in keeping prices low, the big-box store just can't catch a break with some frugal consumers. Shoppers we interviewed for this Walmart grocery review generally subscribe to the attitude that cheap prices go hand-in-hand with poor service and product quality. They grimaced at the long lines at checkout, the frenzied shoppers, and the indifferent employees. A couple of our interviewees said they avoid the chain for these reasons. On our shopping trip, however, we experienced none of these issues. During that pre-dinner hour, three regular checkout lanes, seven self-checkouts, and one express lane were open. The store was clean and orderly.

Walmart grocery reviews posted online that mention in-house brands are mixed. At Complaints Board, for example, consumers assert that products sold under the Great Value store brand are watered down and tasteless, and, for the most part, lower quality than the national brand alternatives. Although the critiques outweigh the compliments, one notable Walmart review found at Time Business reports that a blind taste test performed by Consumer Reports determined that Walmart's Great Value Medium Roast 100% Colombia Coffee tasted as good as, if not better than, a comparable Starbucks coffee. More positive feedback comes from a Facebook poll we conducted for our Walmart grocery review. Respondents preferred the quality of Walmart store-brand products to those sold by Kroger and Aldi, and consider the retail giant to be a better overall value.

In terms of selection, we found everything we needed to fill our shopping cart, with multiple options for brand and package size. We noted copious amount of organic produce, and further research revealed that Walmart is the largest purveyor of organic food in the United States. The arena in which Walmart runs a distant second to Kroger is in fresh meat and seafood -- there was none to be found at our local store. All the offerings were prepackaged and the variety was somewhat limited, especially for seafood. The deli, however, was well-stocked.

Walmart is a one-stop destination for all but fresh meat and seafood, and prices are modest, even on brand names; in-house brands provide decent quality. Consumers' experience with the store certainly varies, which probably depends on location and expectations.

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