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For a cheap bed and a one-stop shopping experience, consumers around the world head to Ikea. To identify the best Ikea mattresses, we studied expert reviews of the retailer's entire line, from foam and latex to innerspring models. While our picks cater to all types of sleepers, they lean heavily toward memory foam mattresses, as they're among the most popular and, according to expert surveys, tend to have the highest customer satisfaction. In addition to comprehensive reports on sites such as Sleep Like The Dead, Sleepopolis, and The Sleep Judge, we examined owner feedback posted on Ikea's website, the only source with a meaningful number of customer reviews. Performance was our top criterion, and we considered firmness, comfort, thickness, and quality of materials, as well as long-term durability (dipping, sagging, or otherwise failing). While most of our picks come in sizes from twin to king, we focused on full-size mattresses as the smallest (and cheapest) suitable for most adult shoppers.

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Our Picks

Matrand (Memory Foam)

Best Overall Value Ikea Mattress
Est. Price: $379 (full) and up | Buy it

MatrandPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- Fairly inexpensive for a mattress of this type; Ikea's cheapest memory foam model.
- Comfortable for people who prefer a firmer foam mattress.
- Removable, washable fabric cover.

- Relatively thin (just 7 1/8 inches) compared with other memory foam mattresses.
- Some reviewers say it's much harder than expected.
- Not solid memory foam; just a layer on top.

Takeaway: Many consumers love how memory foam adds comfort to a mattress and molds to the body, but the price can be prohibitive. The draw of Ikea's Matrand memory foam mattress is that it incorporates this premium mattress material in a bed that's well under half the price of many competitors' offerings. Don't be fooled: This isn't a luxury mattress. It's relatively thin compared with mattresses by other brands, and the memory foam comprises just a single 2-inch layer atop a base of polyurethane foam. Also, a handful of user reviews suggest that pickier customers may find this mattress too hard, but a majority say they couldn't be happier with it. For those who prefer a springier type of bed, the Matrand also comes in a latex version for the same price. That mattress hasn't accumulated as much user feedback, but the reviews it does have are similarly positive.


Best Ikea Memory Foam Mattress
Est. Price: $629 (full) and up | Buy it

KnapstadPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- The thickest of Ikea's foam mattresses (almost 10 inches).
- Memory foam is topped with gel to provide a cooler sleeping surface.
- Medium-firm support is comfortable for any sleeping style, many owners say.

- Hasn't amassed many reviews yet, because it's relatively new.
- Those who find it too firm may require a topper, which can block the cooling effect.

Takeaway: Ever since its introduction to the mattress industry in the 1990s, memory foam has drawn complaints that it retains body heat. Infusing foam with gel or adding a gel layer to the top of a memory foam mattress helps address this problem. Ikea's Knapstad gel-topped memory foam mattress promises to hit that sweet spot of body-hugging pliability while keeping users cool. It's fairly new to market, so it hasn't yet garnered many reviews from experts or consumers, but the handful of customers who've posted on Ikea's website are fairly ecstatic about its performance. The overwhelming sentiment is that it's simply a "great" mattress for the price, and many suggest it can hold its own against beds from much pricier competitors. The Knapstad is also considered slightly less firm than many other Ikea mattresses, which may make it appealing to side sleepers and those who prefer a softer bed.


Best Cheap Ikea Foam Mattress
Est. Price: $279 (full) and up | Buy it

MorgedalPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- One of Ikea's most popular foam mattresses.
- Designed with "comfort zones" to help relieve pressure points and offer support where needed.
- Machine-washable cover can be removed in 2 parts for easy handling.
- Choice of medium-firm or firm.
- Many users praise the firmness and say it feels sturdy even at the edges.

- Mattress cover can fall apart after washing, a few owners complain.
- At just over 7 inches, it's relatively thin.
- Some users report that it starts to sag over time; overall lifespan may be short.

Takeaway: Polyurethane foam is the most basic of mattress materials. On the upside, it makes for an inexpensive bed, but without the benefit of an innerspring unit or a premium filling like memory foam or latex, polyurethane mattresses have little means to provide superior support. For this reason, it's pretty remarkable that Ikea's Morgedal foam mattress earns solid 5-star ratings from more than half of the consumers who have reviewed it. Many say they're very pleased with its firmness in particular. Of course, there are naysayers who feel the mattress is too firm — even the medium-firm version — so side sleepers, especially, may want to exercise caution. Also, polyurethane mattresses just don't have the durability of beds with higher-quality materials and can't perform as consistently over time, so everyday use may take its toll. The Morgedal might be best suited for a guest room, or with kids, where it won't be subject to as much heavy wear and tear.


Best Ikea Latex Mattress
Est. Price: $479 (full) and up | Buy it

MyrbackaPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- "Comfort zone" construction allows body parts like hips and shoulders to sink in and supports areas like the neck and lower back.
- Top layer of lambswool adds softness and helps regulate body temperature.
- Ventilation holes allow mattress to breathe and stay cool.
- The thickest of Ikea's latex mattresses (9 1/2 inches).
- Machine-washable cover.

- Some owners say this "medium-firm" mattress is too firm unless you add a topper.
- A few reviews report dips and/or sagging.
- Does not come rolled, so transport may be a bit trickier.

Takeaway: Thanks to its springy feel, latex is widely considered a desirable sleeping surface, and this Myrbacka latex mattress earns high marks from owners and expert reviewers alike. There are some nice features that promote comfort, such as the large holes throughout the core to allow for air circulation and the layer of lambswool, which supplies cushioning. But keep in mind that, to price the mattress so competitively, Ikea had to cut some corners. For example, the mattress uses synthetic latex, as opposed to natural, and it's constructed with 3 inches of latex atop polyurethane foam (as opposed to the all-latex structure seen in upscale mattresses). Still, if you're not a fan of innersprings, and you don't like the "sink" associated with memory foam mattresses, reviewers largely agree that the Myrbacka is dependable and responsive. And given its middle-of-the-pack pricing compared with other Ikea latex mattresses, it's not surprising that the Myrbacka scores above average for value at Sleep Like The Dead.


Best Ikea Spring Mattress
Est. Price: $379 (full) and up | Buy it

HaugsvarPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- Individually wrapped coils help isolate movement.
- Memory foam layer atop the springs for added comfort.
- 1-sided design; no need to flip the mattress.
- Particularly comfortable for sleepers who've experienced back pain with other mattresses, reviews indicate.

- Some owners complain of sagging in the middle.
- Too firm for a minority of reviewers.

Takeaway: Old-school innerspring mattresses have a reputation for being fairly unforgiving. But many newer spring mattresses like the Haugsvar have features that set them apart from the average coil bed. Most notably, this 11-inch Ikea mattress incorporates a layer of memory foam along with its coils — a "hybrid" construction designed to provide the support of a spring mattress with a more comfortable and conforming surface. Desirable, too, are pocketed coils, which minimize motion transfer and can keep a tossing and turning bed partner from ruining your sleep. While innerspring beds are also known for their tendency to sag or break down over time, complaints about the Ikea Haugsvar are relatively few. In fact, reviews indicate that it's well-suited for everyday use.


Best Cheap Ikea Spring Mattress
Est. Price: $279 (full) and up | Buy it

HaugesundPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- Individually wrapped coils help isolate movement.
- Available in medium-firm and firm versions.
- Comfortable for people who say they prefer a firm bed.
- Does not require flipping to maintain its shape.

- A few buyers find it too stiff to be comfortable.
- Not particularly thick for a spring mattress, at less than 10 inches.
- Tends to sag over time, according to owner feedback.

Takeaway: While many Ikea mattresses haven't amassed a huge amount of user feedback, this Haugesund innerspring model has accumulated a fair number of owner reviews — nearly 400 at the time of publication — and a majority of buyers say they're satisfied with the purchase. Although it lacks the memory foam layer on the more expensive Haugsvar spring mattress ( a comfort feature than many might sorely miss), it does, at least, come equipped with individually wrapped coils, to better contour to the body and limit collateral-motion so co-sleepers are less likely to be disturbed by their bed partners. If a straight innerspring mattress with regular-old foam fill is to your liking, reviewers say this is a solid choice for both everyday or occasional use.


Best Ikea Childrens' Mattress
Est. Price: $129 (twin) and up | Buy it

HasvagPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- Parents say most kids sleep well on it.
- One of Ikea's cheapest spring mattresses.
- Comparatively thick; at 8 1/4 inches, it provides 3 inches more mattress than the least expensive innerspring option at Ikea.
- Doesn't need to be flipped.

- Although comfy for kids, it's too skimpy for grown-ups, according to reviews.
- Bonnell springs aren't as comfortable as pocket springs and allow more motion transfer.
- Some adult users complain that you can feel the springs through the padding.

Takeaway: Opinions vary as to what kind of mattress is best for a child's first bed, but common wisdom says you can't go wrong with a decent-quality innerspring. If you decide to follow this advice, reviewers say the Hagsvar mattress is an optimal choice. The innerspring unit provides good, even support, and there's a sufficient layer of padding on top to keep a body of slighter size very comfortable. The biggest plus: The mattress is inexpensive enough in twin size that it won't feel like a lot of money down the drain when upgrading to a bigger bed down the road.


Best 'Soft' Ikea Mattress
Est. Price: $699 (queen) and up | Buy it

HjellestadPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- At more than 15 inches, it's Ikea's second-thickest mattress.
- Pillow top filled with memory foam.
- Double-layer innerspring construction for extra support.
- Individually wrapped coils isolate movement well, according to reviewers.
- 1-sided design means no flipping is necessary.

- Requires deep-pocket sheets.
- Does not have a substantial number of customer reviews.
- One of Ikea's priciest mattresses.
- Limited sizes; currently, only queen and king available.

Takeaway: Ikea mattresses tend to be on the firm side, so shopping for a softer mattress there can be a challenge. The Hjellestad mattress has an integrated pillow top, popular with people who prefer a plusher sleeping surface. Multiple foam layers and pocketed innersprings, in addition to the memory-foam-stuffed top, make the mattress more responsive and supportive. It's very thick by any standard, not simply when compared to Ikea's usual fare. Although reviewers at Sleepopolis consider this to be Ikea's softest mattress, giving it a firmness value of 5 out of 10, Ikea simply does not offer truly soft beds. While this mattress may be among the brand's softer options — and good for side sleepers — it still carries a rating of medium-firm.


Best Ikea Mattress Topper
Est. Price: $90 (full) and up | Buy it

TenangerPhoto credit: Courtesy of
- 2.5-inch memory foam pad is thick and comfy, according to owners.
- Machine-washable cover.

- Some say it's too firm and does not improve mattress feel.
- A couple of owners complain the topper sags in spots or loses its shape.

Takeaway: Ikea beds are known for being firm, and some owners say a topper is an essential accessory. The Tenanger is the least expensive of the mattress toppers Ikea sells, but that doesn't mean it's a low-end product. To the contrary, the Tenanger topper features memory foam, to contour the body, and is almost 2.5 inches thick. Like other Ikea bedding, this topper hasn't accumulated a particularly large number of owner reviews, but those we read are largely positive. A few consumers say it retains too much body heat and may tend to slide around on the mattress, but overall feedback suggests the Tenanger is an affordable way to make an existing bed more comfortable without sacrificing a supportive feel in favor of extra padding.

What to Know Before Buying a Mattress at Ikea

Are Ikea Mattresses of Good Quality?
A poorly made mattress can affect not only the quality of your sleep but your health and your overall quality of life. Because Ikea mattresses are relatively low-priced, it's reasonable to wonder whether their quality matches that of other mattresses, which can be double the price of Ikea's top-end offerings. But the fact is, Ikea uses the same materials that other brands use, such as polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex, and steel innerspring coils. Ikea also sells beds with premium constructions such as:

- Gel-topped memory-foam, which helps create a cool sleeping surface.
- Pocketed coils, which help isolate movement so users are less disturbed by their sleeping partners.
- "Hybrid" configurations, which pair an innerspring unit with a premium foam layer (such as memory foam) to provide a better mix of support and comfort.

That said, some upscale mattress makers use proprietary formulations of memory foam, so comparing memory-foam beds among brands is not necessarily comparing apples to apples. There are different types of latex, too, and while Ikea does offer both synthetic and natural options, a quick check of the fine print indicates that Ikea's "natural" latex is actually composed of only 85% natural latex; the rest is synthetic. Still, not everyone can — or wants to — pay thousands of dollars for a mattress with the most expensive fillings possible.

Bottom line: Ikea mattresses may not be as luxurious or long-lasting as beds from pricier competitors (or maybe even the best cheap mattresses from other brands). They also may not score that highly with experts accustomed to judging big-name and boutique brands. Still, the best Ikea models have earned high ratings and praise from owners for comfort, durability, and firmness. Even better, unlike many inexpensive mattresses available from Amazon or bed-in-a-box manufacturers, consumers can try these mattresses in stores before purchasing. (And buying in-store doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing the convenience of easy transport: Many of Ikea's mattresses come rolled and packaged to go.)

Are Ikea Mattresses Toxic?
The short answer is no. But mattresses from nearly all major manufacturers do incorporate chemicals in their materials and/or manufacturing process that are controversial and considered unhealthy by many. Most memory foams, for example, are derived from petroleum, and the fibers used in the filling and topping of mattresses are often made of polyester (another petroleum-derived material) or cotton that's been grown with pesticides. Flame retardants are also a serious concern for many, but the good news is that, in the United States, Ikea has employed alternatives where possible — using rayon/polyester batting as a fire barrier — and limited use of flame retardant chemicals to the stitch bonds, piping, and zippers.

What to Know Before Buying a Mattress at IkeaPhoto credit: andresr/istockphoto
If you have a chemical sensitivity or other concerns, consider searching out specialty manufacturers that use only naturally derived materials — such as organic latex, organic wool, or plant-based fibers — and provide proof of valid purity certifications. Keep in mind, however, that these mattresses can be pricey.

What Kind of Sleepers Are Ikea Mattresses Best For?
Ikea mattresses tend to be on the firm side, which may make them good mattresses for back pain, if support is what you're looking for, but not as comfortable for certain types of sleepers. According to tests by Sleep Like The Dead, Ikea mattresses tend to be best for people of average size (between 130 and 230 pounds) who sleep on their backs, although they also suit average-size stomach sleepers fairly well. Ikea's memory-foam and latex mattresses are considered more comfortable overall for all types of sleepers — back, side, and stomach — than the less-expensive polyurethane foam models.

Do Ikea Mattresses Come in Standard U.S. Sizes?
The exact dimensions of many Ikea mattresses differ slightly from the U.S. standards for twin, full, queen, and king. Typically they run about 1/2 inch shorter in length and 1/8 inch shorter in width. So, although you can theoretically put an Ikea mattress and slatted base on a non-Ikea bed frame, be sure to check that the dimensions and design of the frame are compatible.

How Soon Can You Sleep on an Ikea Mattress?
Immediately. However, the mattress may have a noticeable odor when you open the packaging — as is common with many conventional mattresses. The company says this smell dissipates over time, and you can speed the process along by airing out the mattress or vacuuming it. Mattresses that come rolled may take three to four days to regain their shape. In addition, Ikea says that new mattresses often feel too firm, and it can take a month before they're broken in enough to be truly comfortable.

What Is the Return Policy and Warranty for Ikea Mattresses?
Ikea doesn't allow returns, but it does have a one-time exchange policy: For up to 365 days after purchase, you can bring the unwanted mattress back to the store, along with the receipt, and choose a different one. (Not surprisingly, the policy doesn't apply to mattresses that are dirty, stained, damaged, or abused.) Ikea mattresses carry a 25-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

What Mattress Accessories Does Ikea Sell?
Ikea sells a range of bedding accessories, including toppers, pillows, sheets, comforters, spring mattress bases, slatted mattress bases, bed frames, and mattress and pillow protectors. Two of Ikea's slatted bases, the Lonset and the Luroy have accumulated a large number of positive reviews, but the store's box-spring bases lack significant user feedback. It should be noted that traditional box springs are a no-go with foam mattresses, as they typically provide inadequate support; a solid or slatted wooden base is required unless the mattress is going directly on the floor.

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