9 Best Electric Shavers for Men Under $100


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For those who crave convenience during their morning shaves, a men's electric shaver is an excellent alternative to the old-fashioned safety razor. It can also be an ideal solution for users with sensitive skin. Comfort-minded consumers, and thoughtful gift-givers, can spend $200 or more for a top-of-the-line shaver, but there are plenty of quality choices available for much less. Cheapism.com's picks for the best electric shavers under $100 include both foil and rotary models from top brands like Braun, Panasonic, Philips Norelco, and Remington. Many can be used either wet or dry; all come equipped with trimmers to keep beards, mustaches, and sideburns neat; and the very best fully charge in just an hour or two. For those looking for something a little different from the standard shaver, we also found a unique hybrid model, plus a highly rated travel option and one German razor that just might be worth paying a premium.

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Philips Norelco 3100 (S3310/81)
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Good Rotary Shaver Under $50
Est. Price: $49 | Buy it at Amazon

- 3 rotary heads flex in 4 directions for comfort and closeness.
- Can be used corded or cordless, unlike many other rechargeable shavers.
- Curved design is comfortable to hold, reviewers say.
- Head pops open for rinsing.

- 8-hour charge time is much longer than most competitors', and the 45-minute run time is only average.
- Can't be used for wet shaving.
- Struggles with tough beard hair, users say.

Takeaway: The Philips Norelco 3100 (SS3310/81) is a good budget electric shaver, according to reviews. Although it likely won't shave as closely as more expensive razors, users say it does a good job of cutting long and flat hairs, particularly on the neckline. Its chunky handle is easy to hold and the rotary shaving heads glide smoothly over the face, something not all dry shavers do well. It's also the only rotary shaver that was a top pick among the expert sources we consulted.

Remington F5 (PF7500)
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Good Foil Shaver Under $50
Est. Price: $40 | Buy it on Amazon

- Foils on a pivoting head flex for closer contouring; pre-trimmer between the foils.
- Can run for 60 minutes on a full charge (which takes 2 hours); 5-minute quick-charge option.
- Can be used corded or cordless, unlike many other rechargeable models.
- LED lights indicate when battery needs charging.
- Users say it's quieter than other shavers they've owned.

- Doesn't shave as closely as some other models, according to reviews.
- Made for dry shaving only, but can be rinsed under water for cleaning.
- Pop-up trimmer is flimsy, owners gripe.
- Some users with sensitive skin complain of irritation.

Takeaway: The Remington F5 PF7500 is the replacement for the discontinued F5-5800 (est. price: $37; buy it on Amazon), which got more positive reviews than nearly any other shaver under $100 that we found. Although the PF7500 hasn't yet accumulated the same critical mass of user feedback, consumers who have bought this Remington shaver praise it for the same reason as its predecessor: It provides a smooth, comfortable shave at a decent price. On the downside, we read some gripes from users who say this two-foil shaver doesn't cut quite as close as three-foil models they've owned in the past.

Panasonic Arc3 ES8103S
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Good Wet/Dry Shaver Under $100
Est. Price: $70 | Buy it on Amazon

- Pivoting shaver head with three floating foils moves both side to side and up and down to follow the contours of the face.
- Sensor adjusts to maintain continuous speed no matter the hair type.
- 1-hour charge time, plus 5-minute quick-charge option.
- Large LCD display with a battery monitor and cleaning reminder.
- Shaves wet or dry; cleans under running water.

- Many users say it's noisier than other shavers they've owned.
- Thicker beards may require multiple passes for a clean shave.
- Comparatively short 30-day refund policy.

Takeaway: Both experts and users are bullish on the entire Arc line of Panasonic wet/dry shavers, and the Arc3 ES8103s is a good choice for shoppers on a budget. It delivers a similarly smooth, close shave to the more expensive Panasonic Arc4 models, users say, and offers the same speedy one-hour charge time. We also read several reviews from women who say the Arc3 is a good choice for underarm and bikini line shaving, something we didn't see with other highly rated "men's" shavers. There are some gripes among the positive reviews, however. A handful of owners complain that the shaver pulls longer hairs, rather than trimming them, while others say it leaves stubble behind.

Remington HyperFlex Verso 5
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Best Rotary Wet/Dry Shaver Under $100
Est. Price: $60 | Buy it from Walmart

- Unique design fits comfortably in the palm of the hand.
- Works for wet or dry shaving and comes with attachments for pre-shave brushing, cleansing, and exfoliation.
- Snap-on mustache/beard trimmer, plus a built-in, pop-up detailer.
- Incredibly flexible neck and floating rotary cutters make this a good choice for shaving the head, owners say.
- 4-hour charge time isn't super quick, but it's shorter than much of the competition.

- Struggles with tough hairs, according to some reviews.
- Bulky shave head may not reach tight places.
- A handful of users complain of durability issues and batteries that won't hold a charge.
- Charging indicator shows only whether the battery is charged, not how much life remains.

Takeaway: With its attachable cleansing brushes, the Remington HyperFlex Verso 5 (XR1410) does double duty as an electric shaver and a skin-care accessory. It comes with three cleansing brushes: one for gentle daily cleaning, a firmer one for weekly exfoliating, and a pre-shave brush designed to soften a beard. Most owners love the added versatility these attachments provide and also praise the ergonomic handle, saying the rubber trim makes it easy to grip with wet hands. On the downside, some users report that the Remington lacks the power to handle rough beards, while others say the rotary shaving heads don't provide a close shave on the neck.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s
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Best Budget Electric Shaver Overall
Est. Price: $52 | Buy it on Amazon

- Dual layers of blade protection make this a good choice for sensitive skin.
- 2 flexible foils with a trimmer blade in the middle to cut both long and short hairs.
- Can be used for wet or dry shaves.
- Charges fully in less than 2 hours; 5-minute quick-charge option.
- Easy-to-read battery-life indicator.
- Comes with a guard and cleaning brush.

- Users say it leaves stubble behind on thick or tough beards.
- Some complaints that it doesn't shave as closely on dry skin as it does on wet.
- A few users wish the head could be taken apart for more thorough cleaning.
- Several say it doesn't stack up to other Braun models they've owned.

Takeaway: If you can't afford one of Braun's flagship Series 7 models, the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s might be the best substitute you can buy. Reviewers say this shaver is incredibly easy to use and doesn't irritate the skin. Clad in studded blue rubber, the Series 3 ProSkin is also easy to grasp with wet hands, and it can be fully immersed for easy cleaning. Although it may take a couple of passes to remove stubborn hair, this foil shaver is a top performer for the price.

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S
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Best Electric Shaver for Panasonic Loyalists
Est. Price: $95 | Buy it on Amazon

- 4 high-speed floating blades, including a lifting foil, deliver an exceptionally close shave -- even on longer thicker hair -- according to reviews.
- Both experts and consumers say this is a good choice for men with sensitive skin.
- Charges fully in 1 hour, faster than most of the competition.
- Shaves wet or dry and cleans under running water; special sonic-cleaning mode.
- Large LCD display with a battery monitor, shave timer, and cleaning reminder.
- Travel pouch and plastic cover for the head.

- Comparatively short 30-day refund policy.
- Some users say the 4-foil head is too bulky.
- Some complain of early demise, and others are disappointed by performance that doesn't seem significantly better than other models, like the Arc3

Takeaway: The Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S barely makes it under the Cheapism price limit, but satisfied owners say this men's electric shaver is worth the money. Earning an abundance of praise from experts, its powerful motor and four heads deliver a closeness that is said to rank on par with popular, and far pricier, premium Braun razors (yes, it's actually compared to the Series 7 and Series 9!). Another plus: This Panasonic model doesn't irritate sensitive skin like other foil razors can, reviewers say. On the downside, the larger head can make it a bit harder to handle on smaller faces. The trial period is also shorter than those offered by other brands, giving buyers less time to evaluate its performance and personal fit.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4
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Bonus: Best-Selling Braun Electric Shaver
Est. Price: $170 | Buy it on Amazon

- Users say it delivers an incredibly close, smooth shave.
- 2 floating foils with a lift-action middle trimmer and 8-direction pivoting head.
- Sensor adjusts the motor to hair type; choice of shaving modes, from sensitive to turbo.
- Takes just 1 hour to fully charge; 5-minute quick-charge option.
- Charging dock doubles as a cleaning station.
- Built-in display indicates battery and cleaning status, and when replacement foils are needed.
- Can be used for corded or cordless shaving.
- Comes with a leather pouch.

- Not rated as a wet shaver.
- A handful of gripes about faulty products and short lifespan.
- Some users say this model doesn't hold up to previous Braun products.

Takeaway: Among men's electric shavers, this one stands out above all others in professional reviews. Unfortunately, the Braun Series 7-790cc-4 Shaver is nearly double our Cheapism price limit, so we can't recommend it as the best pick for consumers on a tight budget. However, exceptionally positive ratings are enough to convince us that this shaver deserves a place on our list, and many will find it well worth the higher cost. Lauded as one of the top-selling shavers of all time, the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 earns a full 5 stars from more than two-thirds of the 7,000-plus customers who have reviewed it on Amazon. Reviewers rave about how the shaver's well-designed head and powerful motor make short work of tough beards and fine hairs alike. Reviewers also praise Braun's solid build quality and the alcohol-based cleaning system/charging dock, which eliminates the need to wash the razor by hand and claims to be 10 times more effective at killing germs. The only drawback is the lack of a wet shaving option; you have to upgrade to the even pricier 7-799cc for that.

Braun MobileShave M-90
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Bonus: Travel Shaver
Est. Price: $23 | Buy it on Amazon

- Small size is ideal for travel and car.
- Uses AA batteries; no need for an adaptor abroad.
- Compact floating foil makes it easy to reach tight spots on the face and is wider for more coverage.
- Twist-on cap doubles as handle extender.
- Can be rinsed under water.

- Can't match the power of full-size electric shavers, and many users say it takes multiple passes to clear the face.
- Flimsy trimmer, owners gripe.
- Lots of complaints about batteries draining too fast.
- Although waterproof, it's meant for only dry shaving (some owners report using it in the shower without issue, but that's not recommended).

Takeaway: The Braun MobileShave M-90 electric razor is an ideal choice for people who travel frequently or want to keep a spare shaver in the car or at the office. Unlike the full-size razors we reviewed, this one uses two AA batteries, meaning you don't have to lug a charger or voltage converter with you overseas. Some owners complain that this Braun travel shaver is uncomfortable on their faces, and we read several gripes about the razor struggling to trim tough beards, but most users say it delivers a decent shave for the size and the price.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face
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Bonus: Hybrid Men's Electric Shaver
Est. Price: $34 | Buy it from Walmart

- Excels at trimming and shaping facial hair; a great choice for men with stubble styles.
- Also good for shaving the head; users say its contouring dual-protection head doesn't leave nicks or cuts.
- Main blade has two sides for shaving or edging; 3 stubble combs allow for multiple, precise lengths.
- Water-resistant for wet or dry shaving; can be rinsed clean.
- Blades change color as they wear, making it easy to see when they need to be replaced.

- Doesn't shave as closely as other manual or electric razors.
- Many users say the head breaks off easily.
- Replacement blades are pricey for such a cheap razor.

Takeaway: Although the Philips Norelco OneBlade Face doesn't shave as closely as the top electric shavers we reviewed (something the manufacturer actually touts as an advantage), it's a superb choice for trimming, edging, and maintaining more "rugged," scruffy looks. Users rave about the OneBlade's unique design, and say the slim, rubber-edged handle is easy to grip and the svelte shaving head glides smoothly across the skin when going in for a closer cut. The biggest drawback: The manufacturer recommends a new blade every four weeks (based on just two shaves per week), and a three-pack of replacement blades costs as much as a new shaver. Surprisingly, however, this doesn't seem to be a real issue for consumers; negative reviews, which are few, usually gripe about breakage or shave quality.

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