Rite Aid Review


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Think Twice


  • Wellness+Plenti rewards program offers substantial discounts and rewards for loyal customers, including savings at Exxon and Mobil gas stations.
  • Wide range of immunizations and competitive pricing on seasonal flu shots.


  • Consistently high prices in every category, from prescription drugs to personal-care and beauty items.
  • Limited selection on several items in our price survey.
  • Fewer locations and fewer clinics than its competitors.
  • Stores we visited were dated, hard to navigate, and poorly organized.

Takeaway: A robust rewards program is one of the sole redeeming features at Rite Aid. Our experience was marred by high prices across the board, limited selection on many products, and a poorly lit, haphazardly organized store that seemed stuck in a time warp. The chain also doesn't offer as many locations as its rivals.

Saundra Latham

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