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Target has fewer locations than the other chains, but its prices are among the lowest and it's a top shopping destination for other wares, making the pharmacy a convenient choice for many consumers. The Pharmacy Rewards program and $4 generics add to Target's appeal.

Target shoppers who use the store's pharmacy appreciate that they can get their electronics, clothing, housewares, and a range of other products at the same place they pick up their prescriptions. A long list of $4 generics anchors low prices at the pharmacy. Target came in second to Walmart in our price comparisons of five prescription drugs, four immunizations from walk-in clinics, and a shopping list of eight health and personal-care products. Target also offers the cheapest flu shot among the pharmacies in this report, along with the least expensive Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) and meningitis vaccines.

Shoppers get 5 percent off a shopping trip at a Target store and 5 percent off an order at when they enroll in the Pharmacy Rewards program and each time they fill five eligible prescriptions. Target RedCard debit or credit card holders can use these discounts on top of the usual 5 percent they receive off any purchase. The Target pharmacy offers services including online prescription management and automatic refills. Unlike the other five chains in our comparison, Target has no drive-thru pharmacies. Target Clinics, which provide preventive care and treat minor ailments, are located in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

The Target we visited was a large, well-organized store in central Ohio. While the pharmacy was located toward the back of the superstore, signs made it quick and easy to find. The beauty, health, and pharmacy aisles held all the types of items we were seeking, although we sometimes struggled a little to zero in on a particular size or scent, or a cheaper store-brand item. Target's selection within each product category doesn't quite match what a stand-alone drugstore would offer. We were greeted by Target personnel during our shopping trip but none who were assigned to the pharmacy department. When we had a question, we had to approach the pharmacy counter for assistance. The pharmacist was helpful and knowledgeable and came out to help us select an over-the-counter medication. In J.D. Power's 2014 U.S. Pharmacy Study, Target received a higher score for customer satisfaction than any other chain in our comparison.

A combination of low prices and access to a wide range of other merchandise make Target an appealing option for consumers. The RedCard and Pharmacy Rewards incentives solidify many shoppers' choice of the Target pharmacy.

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