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Americans eat a lot of pizza, and for good reason: It's tasty, it's convenient, and, most of all, it's relatively cheap. That said, if you're eating it a lot, you'll want to look for ways to slice that pizza bill even further. We've rounded up ongoing and limited-time deals and discounts at most major national pizza chains. We've also compared prices and more at the top four purveyors: Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

Deals and Discounts

Pizza Hut


  • $7 Deal Lover's Menu with two or more medium one-topping pizzas, Melts, pasta, and more

  • $10 large one-topping pizza

  • $16 two medium one-topping carryout pizzas

  • $30 Big Dinner Box with two medium pizzas, breadsticks, and pasta or wings

  • $20 Dinner Box with one medium pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks

  • $23 Pizza Hut Trio

  • $27 large three-topping pizza and Cinnabon mini rolls

  • $28 two large one-topping carryout pizzas

Available this month:

  • $7 My Hut Box with an entree and side

  • $12 any large pizza

  • $7 Melts

  • $15 large one-topping stuffed crust pizza

  • $15 Big New Yorker pizza

Check out Pizza Hut's coupons and offers page.



  • $7 Mix and Match carryout or delivery of any two or more: medium two-topping pizzas, breads, boneless and bone-in chicken, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and desserts

  • $8 for carryout only: all large one-topping pizzas, eight-piece wings, and Dip and Twists combos

  • $20 Perfect Combo with two medium one-topping pizzas, 16-piece Parmesan bread bites, eight-piece cinnamon twists, and a 2-liter soda

Available this month:

  • $11 large carryout pizza with up to five toppings

  • $11 small gluten-free pizza with up to three toppings

  • $11 medium two-topping handmade pan pizzas

  • $7 three-piece chocolate lava crunch cakes

  • $7 Loaded Tots

  • $12 large two-topping pizzas when you order two or more

  • $16 large two-topping pizza and eight-piece Bread Twists

  • $17 large two-topping pizza and Loaded Tots

  • $28 two large two-topping pizzas and stuffed cheesy bread

Check out Domino's coupons and offers page.

Papa Johns


  • $20 two large one-topping pizzas

  • $7 Papa Pairings when you order two or more: medium one-topping pizzas, Papadias, breadsticks, garlic knots, chicken poppers, and desserts

  • $10 large one-topping carryout pizza

Available this month:

  • $14 large Crispy Cuppy 'Roni pizza

  • $12 large one-topping original or thin crust pizza

  • $14 one-topping extra large pizza

  • $16 any large specialty pizza

  • $17 large two-topping pizza and garlic knots or soda

Check out Papa Johns' coupons and offers page.

Little Caesars


  • $6 classic cheese, sausage, or pepperoni pizza

  • $7 Extra Most Bestest cheese, sausage, or pepperoni pizza

  • $7 Slices-n-Stix pizza

  • $9 Detroit-style cheese or pepperoni pizza

  • $9 stuffed crust pepperoni pizza

Available this month:

  • $4 Crazy Puffs cheese and herb or pepperoni

  • $6 Crazy Puffs combo

  • $4 Stuffed Crazy Bread

  • $10 Stuffed Crazy Crust pepperoni or cheese pizza

  • $8 thin crust pepperoni pizza

Check out Little Caesars' coupons and offers page.

Papa Murphy's


  • $10 any large pizza with up to five toppings on Tuesdays

  • $12 any family-size pizza with up to five toppings on Tuesdays

Available this month:

  • $7 medium two-topping pizza

  • $10 XLNY cheese, pepperoni, or pepperoni and sausage pizza

  • $12 two-topping large pan pizza

  • $11 two-topping large thin or original crust pizza

  • $25 Kid's Favorite deal with two large pepperoni and one large cheese pizza

Check out Papa Murphy's coupons and offers page.

Jet's Pizza


  • $15 large one-topping pizza

  • $11 small one-topping pizza

  • $26 large combo with large one-topping pizza, bread, and 2-liter soda

Available this month:

  • $5 off any 8 Corner pizza

  • $7 Slice Combo with two deep dish slices and a 20-ounce drink

  • $8 mix and match any two or more: one topping four-corner pizza, small salad, or bread

  • $16 large Triple-Roni pizza

Check out Jet's coupons and offers page.



  • $8 medium one-topping pizzas

  • $8 pizza bowls

  • $10 large Pepperoni Magnifico pizza with code PEPMAG

Available this month:

  • $6 Pizzoli with code PIZZOLI

  • $3 off large specialty pizzas with code SPECIAL3

  • $22 two medium one-topping pizzas, cheesy bread, and 2-liter soda with code HD189

Check out Marco's coupons and offers page.

Round Table


  • $12 personal pizza and soda

  • $10 carryout family garden salad

  • $15 large one-topping pizza

  • $20 large specialty pizza

  • $23 large Double Play pepperoni pizza

Available this month:

  • $8 Churro Twists

  • $20 medium two-topping pizza

  • $25 large Excalibur Epic pizza

Check out Round Table's coupons and offers page.

Hungry Howie's


  • $7 mix and match when you buy two or more: flatbread pizzas, medium pizzas, Howie Bread, subs, salads, or a four-pack of soda

  • $7 small two-topping pizza

  • $7 large one-topping carryout pizza

  • $12 large two-topping pizza

  • $19 two medium one-topping pizzas and Howie Bread or a 2-liter soda

  • $24 two large one-topping pizzas and Howie Bread

Available this month:

  • $8 lunch special with salad, pizza, or sub and drink

  • $16 large specialty pizza

Check out Hungry Howie's coupons and offers page.

Chuck E. Cheese


  • $19 large cheese pizza

  • $16 medium cheese pizza

  • $10 personal cheese pizza

  • Half off a large pizza when you buy a large pizza on Tuesdays

Available this month:

  • $35 Alpha package for veterans with one large one-topping pizza, four drinks, and 45 Play Points

  • $59 Bravo package for veterans with two large one-topping pizzas, four drinks, and 100 Play Points

Check out Chuck E. Cheese's coupons and offers page.



  • $10 one-topping large pizza

  • $11 one-topping deep dish pizza

  • $13 one-topping stuffed crust pizza

Available this month:

  • $5 one-topping large pizzas after 8 p.m. with code 5LATENIGHT

  • $21 large two-topping pizza with six wings and brownies

  • $30 popper party pack with two giant one-topping pizzas and Buffalo chicken, jalapeño, or pepperoni poppers

  • $30 classic party pack with two giant one-topping pizzas and cinnamon rolls or cheesy garlic bread

  • $39 wing party pack with two giant one-topping pizzas and 10 boneless or bone-in wings

  • $50 28-inch Piezilla pizza

Check out Cicis' coupons and offers page.

Old Chicago


  • $30 Party Pack for four with a starter, any large pizza, and a 6-inch Big Cookie

  • $60 Party Pack for six with a starter, two large pizzas, and a 9-inch Big Cookie

Available this month:

  • $100 Pizza Party to Go with a salad platter, three large specialty pizzas, and two Big Cookies

Check out Old Chicago's coupons and offers page.

Blaze Pizza


  • $12 11-inch build-your-own pizza

  • $20 large build-your-own pizza

Available this month:

  • $10 Party of One special with 11-inch one-topping pizza and regular drink when you pick it up

  • $12 one-topping large pizza

  • $22 Cheesy Bread Bundle with two-topping large pizza, cheesy bread, and two drinks

  • $28 for two 11-inch pizzas, two fountain drinks, and two desserts

  • $27 for two large two-topping pizzas when you order online

Check out Blaze Pizza's coupons and offers page.

Choosing the Best Pizza Chain

We examined the nation's largest pizza chains — Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars — focusing primarily on price and including deals that can shrink the cost of regular menu items. We also looked at the variety of offerings, convenience, and rewards programs. Although we took into account a large-scale customer survey that considers overall quality, as well as a previous Cheapism taste test of the four biggest pizza chains, taste is generally too subjective to be a major factor.

In the final analysis, Domino's took the cake (or, should we say, the pie) for convenience, variety, and value, undercutting the two biggest competitors, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. For the cheapest pizza, order from Little Caesars, but you'll have to settle for a lot fewer options than most other chains have on their menus. 

Price Comparison


Little Caesars
Papa Johns
Pizza Hut

Sides and Drinks

Large Breadstick
2 L. Soda
Order Total
Little Caesars
Papa Johns
Pizza Hut

Note: These are 2022 menu prices from restaurants in southeastern Wisconsin. Prices are subject to change and may vary by location.

Focus on Spinach and Mushroom Domino's Pizza in a Pizza BoxPhoto credit: Adriana L./Yelp


  • Competitively priced.
  • Robust slate of deals can lead to big savings for families who order strategically.
  • Wide range of hoagies, sandwiches, and salads broaden the appeal for lunchtime or customers who may not want pizza.
  • Easy-to-use website includes a minute-to-minute order tracker and the ability to schedule orders up to three weeks in advance.


  • Some of the best deals are limited to carryout.
  • Middling marks in most categories, including speed, quality, and service, in a large Market Force survey. 

Takeaway: Domino's has occupied a niche as the king of pizza delivery for a few years now. It's done so by dropping prices, introducing deals, updating its menu, and upgrading its services to better suit anyone who wants ordering a pizza to be ultra-quick and nearly effortless (including the ability to place an order via multiple smart tech devices). With an everyday value price of $8 for a large three-topping pizza, a menu that aims to please everyone in the family, and plenty of special offers to bring the total cost down if you're hosting a party for the big game, Domino's spot at the top seems well-earned.

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Pizza HutPhoto credit: Pizza Hut/Yelp

Pizza Hut: Most Expensive


  • With more than 6,500 locations, it's the largest pizza chain in the country. Some restaurants still offer dine-in options and popular pizza buffets.
  • Solid menu variety, including pasta, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and a wide range of pizza customization options.
  • Large slate of deals, including $11 for a large one-topping pizza or $12 for a medium three-topping pizza.
  • Easily beat out Domino's, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars in an earlier Cheapism taste test.


  • The priciest in our comparison.
  • Poor marks for speed, value, cleanliness, and healthy options in the Market Force consumer survey.

Takeaway: With Juan Carlos “Carl” Loredo as its new president, Pizza Hut is poised to become more ubiquitous than ever. Hopefully, that translates into more compelling deals, as the chain's regular prices are nothing to write home about. Still, "The Hut" boasts a wide-ranging menu and consistently tasty pizza. The fluffy, buttery goodness of the brand's trademark pan crust has long been a crowd-pleaser.

Closeup of Pepperoni and Cheese Little Caesar’s PizzaPhoto credit: Ann S./Yelp

Little Caesars: Cheapest Pizza Chain


  • Lowest prices on pizzas by far.
  • With more than 4,100 U.S. locations, chances are there's a Little Caesars nearby.
  • $6 lunch combo is a cheap, convenient option for on-the-go pizza lovers.
  • After a 20-year hiatus, the chain is again offering delivery at most locations.


  • Ingredient choices for custom pizzas and menu options beyond pizza, such as sides, salads, and desserts, are limited or nonexistent.
  • Poor marks for food quality, staff friendliness, atmosphere, and healthy options in the Market Force study; ranked lowest in Cheapism's taste test.

Takeaway: If you want a pizza dinner on the cheap, Little Caesars (currently the official pizza sponsor of the NFL) is hard to beat. Just $6 buys a large cheese or pepperoni pizza, and even premium options such as five-meat, Hawaiian, or supreme pizzas don't cost more than $15. Online ordering and "pizza portal" pickup help minimize in-store waiting, and a return to delivery gives customers an option they didn't have before. But the low prices come at a cost: There's no rewards program and little variety beyond the basics.

Papa John's PizzaPhoto credit: Papa Johns

Papa Johns: Most Variety


  • Wider range of specialty pizzas than most chains, including lighter choices, local favorites, and "gourmet" options.
  • Easy-to-use website offers text alerts and lets customers schedule orders up to three weeks in advance.
  • Robust rewards program allows frequent customers to earn points that can be redeemed for a wide range of menu options.


  • Smaller slate of deals than major rivals Pizza Hut and Domino's.
  • Low-to-middling marks in most categories, including value, speed, quality, and service, in the Market Force study.

Takeaway: Papa Johns aims for a customer who wants more menu variety from the local pizza chain. Of course, whether the chain meets that goal depends largely on taste buds, but it does offer some more highbrow choices, including an "ancient grains" gluten-free crust; some pies with 300 or fewer calories per slice; and, most recently, papadias — flatbread-style pizza sandwiches available in around five flavor options. 

What We Considered


To compare costs across chains, we surveyed regular menu prices for three large, hand-tossed pizzas — pepperoni, cheese, and veggie — a large order of breadsticks, and a 2-liter bottle of soda.

Not surprisingly, Little Caesars, which has staked its business on everyday value, had the lowest total by far: $28.72. If you're feeding a family of five, that works out to about $5.74 a person. The tradeoff for the lower price is that Little Caesars doesn't offer much menu variety.

The cheapest traditional delivery joint was Papa Johns, at $53.45. Heavy hitters Domino's and Pizza Hut were the priciest chains on our list, at $55.45 and $59.98, respectively. Divided among a family of five, that's nearly $12 a head at Pizza Hut, more than double what the same meal would cost at Little Caesars.

Of course, with a couple of exceptions, pizza chains run frequent deals to lure customers, and it's rarely necessary to pay full price. Would-be diners should check discounts at the top of this page before ordering online. 

Domino's Pizza storePhoto credit: J. Michael Jones/istockphoto

While pizza chains have more limited menus than other restaurants, some still stand out for offering more options. A close look at the chains' menus shows that Domino's offers the most choices for customers who want something besides pizza. Highlights include five pasta entrees, seven hoagies and sandwiches, and four kinds of specialty chicken bites. Domino's also offers a couple of salads for anyone who wants to eat a bit lighter. Along with Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, Domino's caters to anyone with a sweet tooth, offering a handful of dessert choices.

If you want veggies from Papa Johns or Pizza Hut, you'll likely have to order them on a pizza — we didn't see salads offered at any local stores. If you're in the market for wings or chicken poppers, however, you'll find a pretty decent selection. Menu options were the least prolific at Little Caesars. While the chain has wings, other options are scant: There are no salads, no sandwiches, and just two desserts (both brownies).

All the chains we researched allow customers to build their own pizzas, but some offer more customization options than others. Pizza Hut and Domino's offer plenty of options for creating your own pie, from crust to cheese to toppings. On the other end of the spectrum, Little Caesars offers only traditional red sauce, and is the only chain in the group that does not offer gluten-free pizza.


All the chains we researched have relatively user-friendly websites, most of which allow customers to save their addresses and favorite orders for speedier checkout in the future. Still, some chains make it easier to dig in than others.

Domino's is in its own league when it comes to streamlined ordering. On its website, customers can save frequent orders, schedule orders up to three weeks in advance, track the progress of an order, and even easily place orders to "pizza hotspots" such as parks and schools where logistics can be tricky. But that's not all: Once you set up an "Easy Order" and file your go-to favorite, you can summon your meal on demand using Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa, order during a commercial break on a Samsung smart TV, or simply tweet or text a pizza emoji to Domino's. The company has even rolled out a zero-click app: Open it and your order is placed automatically after a 10-second countdown.

Pizza Hut has been taking steps to improve its ordering platforms, particularly on mobile. While it still lags Domino's in the scope of its delivery options, it stands out for sheer number of locations. Although the chain has closed many of its once-iconic red-roofed sit-down restaurants, you can still find them sprinkled across the country if you want a little nostalgia along with your pizza. Many of the sit-down locations offer lunch and dinner buffets.

Finally, Little Caesars increased its convenience score by reintroducing delivery in 2020 after a 20-year hiatus.

Pizza HutPhoto credit: jax10289/istockphoto

Rewards Programs

Though not a major factor in our analysis, rewards can be a nice bonus for customers who find themselves ordering relatively frequently. 

At Pizza Hut, every $1 spent earns rewards members two points, and 200 points can be redeemed for a free medium two-topping pizza. That means you have to spend at least $100 to get free pizza. Rewards members are also promised insider access to special deals.

Domino's does things slightly differently, awarding 10 points for every order of at least $5, then offering a free medium two-topping pizza once you've earned 60 points. That means you can earn free pizza by spending as little as $30 (although an average order is closer to $20, so realistically you could be spending $120 or more to get that medium pizza prize). 

Papa Johns awards one point for every $1 spent, and you get $10 in "Papa Dough" for every 75 points earned. Considering that even the most basic pie is between $14 and $17, you'd have to spend about $150 before cashing in your rewards for pizza.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Pizza Chain

Pizza is a beloved American food choice, but with numerous local and national chains to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on a preference. This comprehensive buying guide will help navigate the various considerations and details to find the pizza chain that best suits you and your family’s preferences.

Price and Value

  • Compare the prices of pizza and other menu items across available chains. Look for cheaper options that offer good value for the money.
  • Take into account any ongoing deals and discounts — both ongoing and limited-time — that can significantly reduce the cost of your order.
  • Take portion sizes and the number of people you need to feed into account. Keep in mind that some chains may offer larger pizzas or combo deals that are suitable for families or groups. 

Customization Options

  • Check out menu options beyond pizza. Many chains offer other items such as sides, salads, pasta, sandwiches, wings, desserts, and more. 
  • Consider the level of customization available, including crust options, toppings, and sauces.
  • If you have dietary requirements such as gluten-free or vegetarian options, check if the chain offers those choices.
  • Consider the availability of each chain's healthier options such as lighter pizzas, salads, and whole wheat crusts.

Taste and Quality

  • Research customer and professional reviews and taste tests to get an idea of the overall quality of a chain's pizza.
  • Consider factors such as the crust texture, cheese quality, sauce flavor, generosity of toppings,  and overall freshness of the ingredients used.

Convenience and Ordering Process

  • Evaluate the ordering process and seek out chains that have user-friendly, intuitive websites or mobile apps that allow you to customize orders, save a delivery address, and track order status.
  • Check if the chain offers various delivery options such as home delivery, no-contact delivery, pickup, or even delivery to specific locations like parks or schools.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs

  • Evaluate the brand's rewards structure and determine if the savings potential aligns with your ordering habits.
  • Look for programs that offer attractive rewards, such as free pizzas or exclusive deals for members.
  • Compare requirements for earning rewards points and the redemption process and make sure that the procedures aren't overly complicated. 

Customer Service and Reviews

  • Research customer reviews and ratings to gauge overall customer satisfaction and individual experiences.
  • Consider factors beyond taste such as delivery speed, order accuracy, and friendliness of staff.
  • Check if the pizza chain is responsive to customer queries or complaints and if it actively works to resolve issues.

Additional Factors

  • Take into account the availability of pizza chains in your area. A local chain might be a better option than a national chain like Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.
  • Consider any additional factors that are important to you personally, such as environmental sustainability, ingredient sourcing, fair-wage practices, or support for local communities and organizations.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can choose the best pizza brand that aligns with your preferences in terms of price, menu variety, taste, convenience, rewards, and customer service.

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