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The second most expensive we tasted, Domino's pies still managed to impress the panel, especially with their garlic-accented crust. Use coupons and stick with basic cheese.

A Domino's Pizza review by our panel of 11 tasters awarded the cheese pie a second-place ribbon behind Pizza Hut, roughly even with Papa John's and ahead of Little Caesars. The crust was an all-around hit. "It has a hint of garlic, which is a very good thing," declared one judge. Other reviewers agreed that the cheese-to-sauce ratio was spot on, and one noted that a "parmesan flavor added a lot of taste to the pizza."

Although the cheese pizza sample passed with nary a negative word, Domino's Pizza's standing began deflating with the pepperoni pie. "The spices just don't jibe well together," asserted one panelist, while another reported that the pepperoni was very spicy and overly salty, leaving her pining for something to drink. On the other hand, one Domino's Pizza reviewer was surprised that he liked the pepperoni pie. "The pepperonis have a great spicy flavor and a good ratio to the rest, and the flavor is not too bad," he explained. Several others agreed, calling it "decent." The green pepper and onion toppings also garnered mixed reviews. Several panel members derided the string cut, which left the vegetable pieces too large for their taste and sort of overwhelmed the pizza. Others decided the toppings weren't as fresh as they should have been, although the crust and flavor claimed a few enthusiastic fans.

Food editors seem equally conflicted about Domino's Pizza. It was the favorite of Epicurious in a showdown between the same four pizza chains (our top pick, Pizza Hut, came in second). The team at Serious Eats dismissed the chain's offerings, however, preferring Papa John's and Pizza Hut.

Nutrition-wise, the veggie Domino's Pizza we reviewed came in at 260 calories and 8 grams of fat per slice from a large pie. The plain cheese pizza followed, with 290 calories and 10 grams of fat, and the pepperoni slice pulled in last at 300 calories and 12 grams of fat. Delivery time to our pizza extravaganza in Columbus, Ohio, beat the estimated 35-minute window, arriving hot within 16 minutes.

Domino's Pizza is the second-largest pizza chain behind Pizza Hut, now grossing more than $11 billion a year from more than 14,200 locations worldwide. Domino's Pizza started out as a delivery/carryout business but has opened dining rooms at some locations over the past decade. In addition to an extensive pizza menu, patrons can find sandwiches, chicken bites in various flavors, wings, pastas, breads and breadsticks, and dessert.

Domino's Pizza had the second most expensive large cheese pizza, charging $11.99. The price for a pepperoni pizza, or any other one-topping pizza, would be the same. Additional toppings cost $1.50 each. Based on our panelists' findings, the vegetable toppings can be foregone, but the cheese pizza won't disappoint.

Domino’s loyalists can seek rewards, such as free pizza and even shares of Domino’s stock, by signing up for their Piece of the Pie program. It’s recently been expanded to allow members to collect points on in-store orders.

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