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Best Buy matches prices advertised by local competitors, a half-dozen online stores such as Amazon, and its own website. However, it allows a relatively strict 15 days for post-purchase price adjustments, which are granted only when Best Buy lowers its own prices. Return and rebuy, you say? Not so fast. Taking back too many items can get you temporarily banned from making any returns, even if you have a receipt.

Will Best Buy price match? The short answer is yes: Best Buy matches ads from local retailers (within 25 miles) and prices on, as well as the following websites:,,,,,, and This list of retailers includes online-only merchants but is shorter than it used to be. And in some ways Best Buy's price-match policy is more restrictive than others.

The retailer's decision to match e-commerce sites was partly a response to a consumer practice known as "showrooming." Shoppers were using Best Buy stores to see how TVs and other high-priced items looked in person before buying the products online, where they were cheaper. Best Buy's new policy is designed to encourage shoppers to purchase in-store without fearing they could be getting a better deal online. We found employees at multiple stores well-versed in the intricacies of the new guarantee. When we asked one customer specialist if she'd seen anyone use the Best Buy price-match policy to get a good deal, she said, "Oh, yeah -- all the time. Even go online to and things will usually be a few dollars cheaper."

Shoppers commenting on an article about Best Buy's price-match policy on The Unofficial Apple Weblog seem a little more skeptical. One consumer admits to showrooming and says Best Buy has a record of making price matching difficult, if not impossible, by selling items with unique model numbers that other retailers don't carry. On the other side, a commenter who lives near a Best Buy store that was testing the policy before it became official has found savings on and says online price matching is painless.

The retailer lets customers request price adjustments after purchase only if Best Buy or lowers the price of an item within 15 days. If you want Best Buy to match a competitor's price, you must make the request when you make the purchase. You could, of course, return the product and then buy a new one in order to get the lower price, but as explained in our full report on price adjustment, customers who do this too often risk giving up their right to return or exchange any products. With the policy changes that recently went into effect, Best Buy also shortened the return period to 15 days from 30 days.

Read the full Best Buy price-match policy here.

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