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Home Depot offers a price-match-plus-10-percent-off policy that applies to local competitors. But ineligible appliances and no explicit provision for price adjustment after purchase keep the home improvement retailer from claiming one of the best price-match policies. An insider tip points to possible savings from helpful store employees, who have the power to give discounts even without a competitor's ad to match.

The Home Depot price-match policy comes with a bonus 10 percent off for customers who find a lower price at a nearby competitor. Shoppers need to come armed with a current price from a competitor in the form of a print ad, a printout of an online price, or a price pulled up on a phone. If you're asking the retailer to match an online price, be sure the item is also available in stores; Home Depot won't match online-only prices.

Online reviewers haven't taken kindly to earlier versions of the Home Depot price-match policy, but the company heeded customer feedback and updated its guarantee. For example, Home Depot now matches prices found on HomeDepot.com; failing to do so in the past led to some heated exchanges and lost business. Home Depot may also refund customers if they notice that the price of an item has dropped soon after purchase (but not before, as one customer laments on Complaints List. Even if you have proof the item was a few hundred dollars cheaper at Home Depot the day before, the retailer won't match that price).

The Consumerist interviewed a Home Depot employee who shared some insider tips: Supervisors can give a customer a $100 discount, assistant managers a $500 discount, and store managers a $1,000 discount without any higher-up's authorization, so it may be worth mentioning that you saw a lower price elsewhere, even if you don't have an ad with you. He reminds consumers of a common price-matching caveat, though: The model numbers must be the same. As a consumer points out on FatWallet, this makes most appliances ineligible, because major retailers often get manufacturers to assign items in their stores unique model numbers. If you do get Home Depot to match a lower price, you can use store coupons to deepen the discount. Exclusions include special orders, labor and installation, volume discounts, and open-box merchandise.

Read the official Home Depot price-match policy here.

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