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A store already well known for low-prices, Walmart will match prices on a variety of items, including food -- even online for select competitors. But consumer complaints are prevalent online. It seems many store employees don't know the rules or simply don't follow them. Technically you don't need to have a print copy of the competitor's ad with you, but bring one along, if you can, to avoid a hassle.

The Walmart price-match policy extends to online prices at about 30 ecommerce merchants, and the retailer matches certain types of discounts that other stores don't, such as buy-one-get-one-free offers, with the limitation that the first item must have a specific price attached to it in the competitor's ad. Walmart also matches prices for items that are discounted when shoppers use a local competitor's loyalty card -- again, as long as the item and its final price are clearly displayed (just a percentage off won't do).

The official Walmart price-match policy doesn't even require that shoppers have an ad with them to request a price match. However, multiple employees told us we would need a print ad from the current week and customer feedback posted online suggests that this is a common requirement, regardless of the corporate line. A customer service supervisor clarified for us that a price match is possible even without an ad, but it will take longer because the lower price will need to be verified with a phone call to the other store. Whether this has gotten across to employees is an open question. Walmart customers may have to press a little to get a price match without an ad. One irritated shopper started a petition on calling for Walmart to honor its stated coupon and price-match policies without hassling customers. According to her petition, a customer service representative told her that managers have the right to set their own policies. One supporter comments that her local Walmart has limited the number of price matches she can make per visit -- an off-the-books rule.

A commenter on the blog Stockpiling Moms writes of using the Walmart price-match policy to get macaroni and cheese at a discount with an ad for a store 20 miles away. On A Full Cup, a forum contributor explains how to use the policy to save money when buying meat and tells fellow shoppers how to make sure the two meat cuts are identical, a requirement for price matching.

Read the full Walmart price-match policy here.

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