Sears Price-Match Policy


Think Twice

On the positive side, Sears will match online prices from websites associated with nearby stores, as long as those retail stores honor their own online prices. But unlike other retailers that match websites, Sears asks that you print out the order page and factors in shipping and handling charges, rather than matching the subtotal.

The Sears price-match policy used to be very generous: The retailer would match any competitor's price, online or off, and give an additional discount. However, an update in late 2012 eliminated the extra savings. Sears' new price-match guarantee allows for matching of prices advertised at local retailers and also on their websites -- but only if the brick-and-mortar shop honors its own online prices. If you're requesting that Sears match a price from an online shop, the retailer requires that you bring in a printout of the order form with the cost of shipping and handling, because Sears includes that in the competitor's price when matching. Sears also applies manufacturer promotions, such as rebates, before considering a price match, instead of after like stores such as Target, and customers can't use Sears rebates or special offers to further lower the price. Among the fairly standard exclusions in the Sears price-match policy are used items, clearance prices, products available in limited quantities, out-of-stock items, and products that aren't identical to the item you're buying.

Some price-matching shoppers have posted online reports of not-so-great experiences at Sears. On Complaints Board, one customer says he was denied a price match on a dryer he bought a week prior, even though Sears states it will match prices for 14 days after purchase. On Yelp, a shopper writes that employees in the appliance department at Sears gave three different reasons why they wouldn't match prices at three local stores. On the other hand, shoppers laud Sears for matching prices at paid membership stores such as Sam's Club, although a valid membership card is required (other retailers specifically exclude club prices). Customers posting on Yelp have used this to take advantage of the excellent service and warranty they've found at Sears Optical while matching Costco prices on glasses and contact lenses.

Read the full Sears price-match policy here.

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