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Think Twice

Kohl's requires shoppers to bring in a print ad from a local competitor; won't match Kohls.com prices, much less other online prices; and won't let customers use coupons if they request a price match. A number of online reports and our own experience reveal that employees often don't know about the price-matching policy.

The official Kohl's price-match policy runs only a few sentences, but a call to the retailer's customer-service department revealed some unwritten details. As we assumed based on other stores' policies and the representative confirmed, Kohl's will not match percentage-off discounts or limited-time sales. She also revealed that Kohl's won't match the prices of membership stores such as Sam's Club or Costco, and we were a little surprised to learn that Kohl's employees can't authorize price adjustments of more than $100. Other stores don't set such caps.

The online description of the Kohl's price-match policy states that customers need to bring in a physical copy of a local competitor's ad that includes a current date and a description of the item. Some retailers with similar merchandise, such as Sears, match online prices as long as they are associated with nearby brick-and-mortar stores. However, the Kohl's price-match policy does not include online pricing, even on Kohls.com. Bargain shoppers also must compare the potential savings of a price match vs. a coupon; Kohl's won't let you use both for the same transaction.

It may prove useful to bring in a copy of the Kohl's price-match policy when you visit the store. Reviews on Yelp suggest that cashiers may not know about the policy, and although managers approve matches, they may not be eager to do so. We encountered this firsthand when calling a Kohl's for information. A cashier told us Kohl's stores match prices on Kohls.com (when, as mentioned, the policy explicitly says otherwise). When we asked the cashier to double-check, he said the manager told him Kohl's doesn't price match at all. Finally, after we read the policy out loud, he transferred us to the manager, who acknowledged that the store would price match, but we'd have to bring in a print ad from a local competitor.

Read the official Kohl's price-match policy here.

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