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A 90-day return period holds for most in-store and online purchases. The retailer does not require a receipt for returns made at a store, and if the item cost less than $25, you can turn it in for cash.

Walmart maintains slightly different return policies for items ordered online, purchased at a store, received as a gift, or sold and shipped by a third-party marketplace seller. To begin with, the Walmart return policy, which is outlined clearly on its website, states that items bought from the Walmart Marketplace cannot be returned to a Walmart store or to but must be handled according to the seller's return policy. Items bought at can be returned or exchanged at any Walmart store or by mail. Items purchased at a physical store can likewise be exchanged or returned to any Walmart location. The retailer requires original packaging for returns and exchanges and a 90-day return period holds for most in-store and online purchases.

The Walmart return policy for gifts is also fairly simple. If something is wrong with a gift, you can send away for a replacement using a free pre-paid shipping label available online. If you hanker for something different, the return must be brought to a physical store. Try to bring the original packaging and, ideally, a packing slip or receipt. Lacking either, you'll need the order number or the email address of the sender for gifts bought online.

One customer-friendly aspect of Walmart's return policy: The retailer does not require a receipt for returns made at a store. If the item cost less than $25 at the time of purchase, you can turn it in for cash; anything priced above $25 qualifies for a gift card or a different product of equal value. You can take advantage of this policy only three times during a 45-day period. The same rules hold for gifts with a receipt.

Walmart has put in place an extended return policy during the 2013 holiday season for qualifying items. The special Walmart return policy applies to merchandise purchased between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24 that normally must be returned within 15 days (i.e., consumer electronics) or 30 days (i.e., powered outdoor equipment). For these products the respective return period begins on Dec. 26. Items that normally enjoy a 90-day return window must still be returned within that time frame.

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