Best Cheap Chocolate Chip Cookies

A tasting panel recommends the best cheap chocolate chip cookies based on taste, texture, chips, and value.

Our Top Pick

Trader Joe's Charmingly Chewy

Trader Joe's Charmingly Chewy Review

Our top pick among the soft-baked samples, these little cookies impressed the tasting panel with a pleasing texture and fresh, addicting flavor. Their quality and all-natural ingredients earn them a lot of fans.

Our Picks
Trader Joe's Charmingly Chewy

Trader Joe's Charmingly Chewy Review

By the conclusion of Cheapism's chocolate chip cookie taste test, the panelists had polished off these cookies and were eager to go out and buy more. Trader Joe's Charmingly Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (starting at $2.50 for a 9-ounce box) were the clear favorite among soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. They offer a rare combination of "natural" ingredients and a low price.

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Review

Buy at for  $4.54

For a crispy chocolate chip cookie, consumers can't go wrong with Famous Amos (starting at $1.98 for a 12.4-ounce box, Amazon). Cheapism's tasting panel put these bite-size classics at the top of the list, and Famous Amos cookies get overwhelmingly positive reviews online, as well. Reviewers posting on Amazon join our panelists in remarking on the non-greasy but not-too-dry texture of these cookies. Many comment that Famous Amos cookies taste the same as they remember from childhood.

Chips Ahoy Original chocolate chip cookies (starting at $2.50 for a 13.72-ounce package, Amazon) are among the top-selling cookies in America. The brand has been widespread since the 1960s, and in Cheapism's taste test, a few panelists said the cookies taste like "classics" right off the bat.

The debate between Nabisco's Chips Ahoy Chewy and Chips Ahoy Original cookies was intense in Cheapism's chocolate chip cookie taste test. The texture of the Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies (starting at $2.50 for a 14-ounce package, Amazon) proved controversial. Many reviewers described them as "buttery" and pleasantly moist. One suggested they were soft enough to mix with vanilla ice cream for do-it-yourself chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Chips Ahoy Chewy reviews on the Walmart website indicate a strong liking for these cookies. A couple of consumers warn that they can be addictive.

Keebler Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies boast a low price point (starting at $1.98 for a 15-ounce package, Amazon) and evoke happy memories for a lot of people, perhaps because of Keebler's once-ubiquitous elves. However, these chewy cookies didn't live up to the nostalgic expectations of most panelists in Cheapism's taste test.

Market Pantry Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Market Pantry Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

Chewy chocolate chip cookies sold under Target's in-house Market Pantry label were the cheapest in Cheapism's taste test (starting at $1.57 for a 15-ounce box), but they failed to satisfy most of the panel. Although a few tasters couldn't tell a difference between these and the Chips Ahoy Chewy chocolate chip cookies, a recurring criticism was the perceived fakeness of the Target-brand cookies. They look artificial -- strangely orange-yellow in color -- and they smell and taste unnatural, panelists said. Tasters didn't detect much chocolate flavor from the chips, and the cookie was unpleasantly greasy and oily. A Target customer expresses similar dismay over the cookies' color, appearance, and artificiality in a review on the company's website.