Products Trader Joe's Should Carry, According to Shoppers

Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe's
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Missed Opportunities

Compared to larger supermarket chains and warehouse stores, Trader Joe's can feel painfully small with its narrow aisles and limited selection of white-label products. After all, wouldn't it be nice if Trader Joe's sold rotisserie chicken? The retailer's staunchest loyalists have shared their product wish lists multiple times, which are all full of items like rotisserie chicken that Trader Joe's "should" carry. Here are the top 15 products from those threads.

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Woman selecting tampon


Redditors say that it's time for Trader Joe's to carry sanitary products like tampons and pads, especially since the retailer sells skincare and beauty items. "It always bothers me to see beauty products on the shelves but zero sanitary products," one top comment reads. While many Redditors agreed, some superfans noted that the retailer has carried tampons in the past, but they didn't sell well and had quality issues.

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Biodegradable bag for Food waste, Composting at Home and Zero Waste
Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by soybeans.

Miso Paste

Given Trader Joe's penchant for carrying international fare, miso paste would be a logical addition to the retailer's lineup of Asian goodies. While we don't know if it's just a rumor, one Redditor commented that miso paste is "in the system" and coming soon to stores.

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White bottle of dry deodorantat and green branch at blue concrete wall


Although Trader Joe's has carried Tom's of Maine deodorant before, a Redditor said the retailer should sell its own private label version with seasonal scents. Seasonally scented hair oil, they added, would also be a welcome addition.

Mashed potato stuffed dumplings with cream


Considering Trader Joe's already sells gyoza, it seems like the retailer should add the European version: pierogis. "They’re easy, delicious, freeze well, and fit Trader Joe’s multicultural feel," a Redditor wrote.

Scone, Clotted Cream and Jam for High Tea

Clotted Cream

Despite it's less-than-appetizing name and appearance, multiple Redditors said that Trader Joe's should carry clotted cream, a creamy English spread. "I'd be making scones every weekend if they carried it!" a superfan wrote.

Sesame hamburger buns insulated in a kitchen, ready to eat
Alfredo Hernandez Rios/istockphoto
wanton fried

Veggie Wontons

While Trader Joe already carries chicken and cilantro wontons, multiple superfans say it's time for a vegetable, tofu, or fish-filled variation for plant-based eaters.

Packed roast chicken place on the shelf
Fang Zheng/istockphoto

Rotisserie Chicken

It might not make sense for Trader Joe's business model or clientele, but one superfan said that the retailer should sell rotisserie chickens, adding that the "cooked meat options are a little lacking." A more Trader Joe's friendly alternative? One Redditor suggested shredded and frozen rotisserie chicken.

Cutting paneer into pieces


Trader Joe's already has an impressive array of Indian food, including samosas, naan, and curries like palak paneer. That said, fans said they want to be able to purchase paneer separately to add to their own dishes. "Yes, paneer especially!" a shopper agreed.

Chinese noodles with braised pork chop


Sure, Trader Joe's has its own version of instant ramen, along with a host of other pre-made Asian dishes, but some shoppers said they'd prefer buying noodles separately. Adding udon, ramen, and rice noodles to Trader Joe's lineup of staples would make it easier for superfans who prefer to cook their own meals.

Christmas English Mince pie and mulled wine glass

Mince Pies

Popular across the pond, mince pies are a classic English holiday treat filled with mincemeat, fruit, spices, and suet. They're just one of the many international foods that Trader Joe's superfans wish the retailer would carry (one shopper said they'd settle for mince pie filling).

Baba ganoush baked eggplant with sesame paste with ingredients close-up top view

Baba Ghanoush

This store's got more than five types of hummus but no baba ghanoush? Come on, Trader Joe's! Given Trader Joe's penchant for international products, the eggplant-based appetizer seems like a natural addition to the chain's lineup of Levantine cuisine.

uncooked frozen onion rings on a baking tray.

Onion Rings

As a purveyor of cheap, indulgent frozen foods, Trader Joe's ought to have onion rings in its freezer aisle. The closest thing we've got is the chain's "onion-flavored rings," which are just mediocre Funyuns and not deep-fried, beer-battered rings of golden goodness (which is what we really want).

Freezer full of bagged ice for sale outside of a gas station
Melissa Kopka/istockphoto

Bagged Ice

Whether you're picking up goodies on the way to a picnic, or you've traveled dozens of miles to the nearest Trader Joe's (people do this), it would be nice if you could buy bagged ice. One commenter says cashiers at their local store do provide ice when asked, though your mileage may vary.