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JC Penney's return policy is unbelievably straightforward. There's no deadline for making a return and you can exchange an item without a receipt or return it for a gift card. Although the retailer doesn't condone the practice, even items that have been worn can be returned as long as they appear new. Customers can call a 24/7 support line for help.

The JC Penney return policy is short, straightforward, and sweet. It is the same year-round at this middle-of-the-road department store chain and makes no special allowances for holiday shopping -- nor, really, does it have any reason to do so.

This is the JC Penney return policy in a nutshell: If you have a receipt, you can return or exchange an item at the original purchase price at any time. If you have a gift receipt, you can exchange or return the item for a JCP gift card. If you do not have a receipt, you can still exchange the item or receive a refund in the form of a JCP gift card valued at the current retail price of the item. In this case, be prepared to present a valid photo ID.

The return window never closes at this retail chain, but the JC Penney return policy requires that all returned items be in good condition. When we contacted customer service for more explicit clarification about the seemingly open-ended nature of the policy, the representative indicated there are no written guidelines about how much wear is acceptable on an item a customer wants to return. But do use your judgment and a good amount of common sense -- no point in ruining things for other shoppers.

JC Penney's return policy also covers items that are returned or exchanged by mail. Customers must pay for postage, though, so making a trip to the nearest store is probably the cheaper bet.

Marketed as "happy returns," JC Penney's return policy is one of the best sets of rules we encountered during our research. The 24/7 customer support line puts a bow on top of the entire return policy package.

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