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The open window for returning unwanted merchandise to this discount retailer depends on the product.

The open window for returning unwanted merchandise to this discount retailer depends on the product. According to the Kmart return policy, that period ranges from 30 to 90 days for the vast majority of merchandise. Air conditioners, gas-powered equipment, jewelry, and watches fall into the 30-day category. A receipt or email confirmation of the order is absolutely necessary for a refund, which is granted in the original form of payment (payment by check at a Kmart store is refunded as cash). Note that you may be asked to produce valid identification when returning an item to a store; original packaging is also important. The Kmart return policy doesn't change for holiday purchases. In general, returned gifts are exchanged for like items or store credit.

Other rules embedded in the Kmart return policy also vary by product. For example, media items such as video games and computer software and sports and toy collectibles are not ever accepted for return once the package has been opened. Merchandise such as jewelry and watches, power tools, inflatable beds, camcorders, and special occasion clothing can be exchanged only for the same item or something very similar if tags are missing and/or the packaging is open.

Kmart's return policy also outlines a price-adjustment program that applies to situations when the price of a product falls after you purchase it. If you present the original receipt or email confirmation within seven days, you will receive a refund worth the difference between the old price and the new. This offer does not apply to holiday merchandise, however, or items marked down for clearance.

The Kmart return policy requests that you use a new box when returning items by mail and outlines best practices for packing and taping it. If you opt for a mail-in return, begin the process by going into your online account to get a UPS shipping label and return receipt. Shipping fees will be charged against your credit card. In some cases online purchases may be shipped to you from one of the other retail brands owned by Sears Holdings Corp., Kmart's parent. If you make a return by mail, use the packing slip found in the box, which will direct the package to the original shipper. Items shipped by, with the exception of jewelry, can be returned to any Sears store.

Kmart stores also host some third-party vendors who may have different return policies. Sometimes you will be required to send these items back to the original seller.

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