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Sears maintains both a regular and a holiday return policy. The specifics depend on the product.

Sears, that venerable American retailer with inventory ranging from power tools and automotive supplies to appliances, sofas, luggage, infant supplies, and perfume, maintains both a regular and a holiday return policy. The specifics of Sears' return policies depend on the product.

Some items, such as mattresses, media products, consumer electronics, office supplies, and watches and fine jewelry, must be returned within 30 days under normal circumstances. But the Sears return policy for the 2013 holiday season keeps the return clock ticking until Jan. 24 for items purchased between Nov. 17 and Dec. 24. Merchandise that qualifies for a 60-day return period (e.g., toys and games, seasonal items, fitness goods, and major home appliances) enjoys 60 days of grace from the date of purchase or until Jan. 24, whichever is later. The standard Sears return policy also includes a 90-day option for clothing, beauty products, bedroom and bath items, and small kitchen appliances, which is unchanged for the holidays.

An extensive breakdown of which items fit into which returns category is available on the retailer's website. The Sears return policy notes that unlisted items fall into the 60-day group unless deemed non-returnable at the time of purchase.

As usual, all merchandise brought in for a return must have its original packaging and be accompanied by a receipt, gift receipt, or invoice. No refunds of any kind will be granted without proof of purchase, nor for opened media items or collectibles; if these latter goods are defective, you can arrange an exchange. The Sears return policy imposes a 15 percent restocking fee for some products, such as consumer electronics, that come back minus the original packaging and missing some parts or accessories. A similar fee is assessed on special orders that are cancelled more than a day after the order was placed.

All Sears merchandise can be returned to a store and anything bought online, except for tires and purchases from a third-party Sears Marketplace vendor, can be sent back to Sears on your dime. Shipping charges are refunded only if the original delivery was damaged or incorrect. You can arrange a pick-up for appliances, large TVs, and the like.

Special rules apply to parts ordered from Sears Parts Direct for appliance repairs. The Sears return policy allows a 90-day return window from the date of purchase, but you must first call customer service and obtain a return authorization number.

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